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This article is about the 41st chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the character, see Historia Reiss.

Quote1.png name is Historia.... Quote2.png
— Krista Lenz, Historia

Historia (ヒストリア Hisutoria?) is the 3rd chapter of the 10th volume and the 41st chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Ymir starts battling the Titans at the base of Utgard Castle while her comrades watch in shock. Krista wonders how this can be the real Ymir and Reiner asks if Ymir is really a friend or a foe of mankind. When Ymir is overwhelmed, she decides to fall off the tower so that it does not crumble, but Krista encourages her by saying that if the tower needs to be destroyed. She then causes the tower to fall on top of the Titans and saves her friends. However, some Titans manage to survive and Ymir is again overwhelmed by them. Ymir, Krista, and the rest of the recruits are saved by the arrival of some of the Survey Corps. Krista then finally reveals her real name to Ymir, Historia.


Ymir in Titan form fights the Titans

In her Titan form, Ymir falls towards the crowd of Titans and goes in for the attack. A Titan is about to grab her but she swiftly dodges and digs her claws into the Titan's back. Ymir is about to finish it off but another Titan intervenes, Ymir she has no choice but to switch her attention to the other Titan and she swipes its eyes, blinding it. She is again about to kill one but another Titan interferes once more. The third Titan runs at incredible speed towards Ymir attempting to crush her against the Wall of Utgard Castle. However, she is able to spin and dodge the Titan and it runs into the tower.

The tower then shakes because of this, Krista is about to fall off but Reiner manages to catch her foot before she does. Krista then thanks Reiner, but lets out a cry of pain because Reiner starts to squeeze her leg. Connie attempts to get Reiner off of her and tells him to let her go. Still in shock, Reiner lets go of her and snaps out of it. He apologizes to Krista and she comments that there is no need for him to apologizes as he saved her life. Reiner looks into Krista's eyes and asks if she knew that Ymir was a Titan. Krista responds by denying any knowledge of Ymir's secret. She then continues by saying she simply can not believe it, seeing as the two had been friends for three years. She then states that she refuses to believe it whilst Ymir is shown clinging to the tower Wall and about to leap onto several Titans for the second time. She leaps with her mouth wide open and her claws out and ready to attack.

Mikasa saves Historia's life

Reiner and Bertolt calm down and start to think of Ymir as a traitor, saying she knew about the mystery of the Titans and kept it from humanity. Connie tells everyone to wait, pointing out that it looked like she knew about her Titan powers unlike Eren and Krista looks at her comrades in shock and fear. Connie then asks which side Ymir is on and Krista asks him what he means. However, they become distracted when the Titans attack the tower. Ymir is on the verge of defeat, when Krista encourages her to take down the tower. Ymir then takes this encouragement and takes down the tower, then quickly saves her teammates by having them climb on her head and leaps out of the way as the tower crashes.

The recruits land on the ground thinking the tower had killed the Titans until they come back and again begin attacking Ymir. Having managed to kill one of them, she was overwhelmed by the others who began eating her and ripping her apart. Krista starts running towards her, realizing that she had never told Ymir her real name, attempts to do so. One Titan sees this and tries to grab her, but is killed by Mikasa. Soon more members of the Survey Corps arrive to take care of the rest of the Titans. Eren makes his first kill as a soldier, despite being told to pull back.

Everybody is clearly surprised when it is revealed that Ymir is a Titan. Hange notices one of Ymir's arms and legs are missing. As Ymir drifts in and out of consciousness, Krista finally tells her that her real name is Historia. This makes Ymir smile before she passes out.

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