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Historia Reiss (ヒストリア・レイス Hisutoria Reisu?) is a first year student at Attack Junior High School.


Historia is a rather short girl with blonde hair and large eyes. She wears the traditional Junior High school uniform.


Bubbly and full of energy, Historia is always seen in a good or favorable mood. An extremely social person, Historia is notoriously bad at keeping a secret.[1]


Historia is seen among the other first year students entering Attack Junior High School. She is assigned to Class 3 with many other students, including her close friend Ymir.

She takes part in the yearly dodge ball tournament and is saved from being eliminated by her classmate Bertolt.[2] However, they get defeated by Class 4 who advance on to the finals.[3]

A school-wide dance is announced and Historia is asked by Reiner to be his date, which she accepts. Later, she goes over to Annie and hears that she is planning on asking someone from Class 4. Knowing Annie has a soft spot for Eren, Historia asks if that is who it is only to be quieted. Annie swears Historia to keep it secret; she agrees to but then immediately tells Ymir who was nearby, angering Annie.[4]

During the athletic competition between the first year students and the upperclassmen, Historia dons a cheerleader outfit and vows to cheer the first year students on from the sidelines. As she does so, many of the boys in the class start to feel light-headed due to the sight of her. However, Historia soon learns her partner caught a cold and unavailable to perform; she quickly rushes to try and find a replacement. She finds Annie walking back towards the school and persuades her to join in cheering.[5] Handing her a uniform, Historia drags Annie back to the other students; she is perplexed when Annie agrees to cheer, then unexpectedly runs away moments later.


  • Ymir - Arguably her closest friend, Historia is never seen far from Ymir; her over-the-top enthusiasm sometimes does get on Ymir's nerves.
  • Annie Leonhart - Annie is one of Historia's classmates in Class 3. Historia has teased Annie over her presumed feelings for Eren, but it is always in fun. When Historia was in need of a partner to help cheer on the other first year students, she immediately went to find Annie knowing that she would likely be willing to help.
  • Reiner Braun - Another of Historia's classmates. It is unknown if Historia is aware of Reiner's crush on her, but she did agree to go with him to the upcoming dance at the school.