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Quote1.png The only meaningful job I've done as a soldier......has been cleaning up corpses and rubble. In your aftermath, and now Eren's. So, will you tell me now? Now that you can see all the bodies trampled for the sake of your big, important plan? How do you feel? Quote2.png
— Hitch questions Annie[3]

Hitch Dreyse (ヒッチ・ドリス Hitchi Dorisu?) is a private (二等兵 Nitōhei?) of the Military Police Brigade stationed in Stohess District. She is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps, albeit not from the southern division.


Hitch is a young, fair-skinned woman of average height with a slim build. She has an oval face, almond-shaped hazel eyes with rather long eyelashes, thin eyebrows, and a button nose. Her brown, wavy, tousled hair is kept in chin-length style with a clump of bangs hanging around her eyes. Like her fellow officers, Hitch usually wears the standard Military Police Brigade uniform, consisting of a short, light brown jacket with the unicorn badges on both shoulders, on the front left pocket and on the center of the back, a light-colored shirt, a dark brown sash around the waist covering the hips, white pants, and black knee-high leather boots.

In the year 854 Hitch has straight, well-kept, combed hair cleanly parted to each side without bangs any longer. Her uniform has remained the same except she now wears a white blouse, the Military Police-issued trench coat and military-issued bolo tie underneath.


Hitch acts immature in certain ways; she has a sarcastic, easygoing personality and seems to mischievously enjoy teasing and needling her fellow officers. She claims she chose to join the Military Police out of laziness, as it is well known that the senior staff are incredibly corrupt and she wanted to benefit from the system herself; however, she did not take into account that, as a new recruit, her superiors would dump all their work on her. When Marlowe claims to have joined the Military Police for noble reasons, Hitch breaks out into laughter and it is implied that she only got in through dishonorable merits. She does, however, state that she never would have chosen the Military Police if she had known that she would get stuck with all the work, implying that she did in fact earn her way in and that Boris was merely insulting her.[4]

Hitch boldly stands up to Levi

Though she may act a bit air-headed at times, Hitch has a keen ear and was able to Scout out Armin Arlert when he was gathering water, pointing her rifle at him with no hesitation. When she was later caught by the Survey Corps, she boldly bad-mouths Captain Levi for the deaths of innocent civilians as the result of the destruction of Wall Sheena during Annie and Eren's battle as Titans, therefore, Hitch is not selfish and cares about the environment around her. [5] When she managed to escape the capture by the Survey Corps, she came back to try and bail out Marlowe, implying that she cares for her comrades enough to return to danger.[6]

After four years, Hitch has seemed to mellow out and take her job a little more seriously; despite this, she does occasionally still complain about having to do certain tasks. She is now a senior military police officer and she seems to act more mature than before. She shows real empathy by going to rescue the civilians from the rubble created by the destruction of the walls. Likewise, she refuses to take the risk that Annie turns into a Titan and kills her subordinates and prefers to collaborate with her instead. Finally, Hitch has regularly visited for the past 4 years her friend Annie who was detained by the MPs.[7]


The Female Titan arc

Hitch, Marlowe and Annie salute their superior officer

Hitch is a member of the same Military Police unit as Annie Leonhart, and teases her for sleeping late. Boris Feulner is upset with Hitch's conduct and tells her to leave Annie alone, pointing out that she is the only one in their unit to have actually fought Titans in Trost District and goes on to suggest that she is jealous of Annie because she got into the Military Police with merit, implying that Hitch only got in through dishonorable means. However, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of their superior, who assigns them to protect the Survey Corps escorts carrying Eren Yeager through Stohess District that day.

Hitch is later seen in the courtyard with her fellow soldiers, complaining about the harsh amount of work loaded onto the new recruits. When Marlowe Freudenberg begins to lecture the group and claims to be the one who will fix up the MPs, Hitch breaks down in laughter at his ideas. The group is later seen patrolling the streets, on their way to their stations for their work that day.[8]

In the aftermath of the fight between Annie and Eren in their Titan forms, Hitch complains about Annie skipping out on her duties, as she is completely unaware that Annie was the Female Titan and therefore had been detained.[9]

Royal Government arc

Hitch and Marlowe are caught by the Survey Corps

Hitch and Marlowe are tasked with searching for wanted Survey Corps members in the forests outside of Trost. Hitch expresses her frustration at what happened in the Stohess District, but her complaints are cut short when she hears someone nearby.[10]

Hitch blames Levi for the death of innocent people in Stohess District

The two find Armin Arlert collecting water from a nearby river and order him to put his hands up into the air, only to fall into his trap. Mikasa and Levi ambush them and take away their guns and uniforms. Levi questions them about their current positions in the Military Police and Hitch, angry at the Survey Corps, blames Levi and the entire Military branch for the aftermath of Stohess and for Annie's death. Levi reveals that Annie was the Titan hiding in Stohess and orders that they be escorted to a remote area where they can be released.[11]

Jean Kirstein leads them away, he reveals that he intends to kill the two of them because they are dangerous. As Marlowe panics and explains that Levi did not want them to be killed, Jean says that this is his personal decision and the others know nothing. Jean then tries to stab them but trips and loses the knife. Marlowe grabs it while Hitch runs and Jean and Marlowe struggle over the knife. Hitch returns with a branch, smashing it against the side of Jean's head. Hitch attempts to hit him again, but Marlowe stops her, saying that Jean was only testing them.[12]

Hitch strikes Jean

Hitch and Marlowe lead Squad Levi to the Interior Brigade Compound, so that the squad can attack it.[13]

Marlowe and Hitch accompany Hange to bring Squad Levi the news that the military has successfully overthrown the government, and that commander-in-chief Darius Zackly is now in charge.[14] The two groups then travel to the Reiss family chapel. Marlowe and Hitch keep watch outside of the chapel while Hange and Levi's squad infiltrate it to rescue Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss.

After Eren and Historia are successfully rescued, Marlowe and Hitch travel with the group in pursuit of Rod Reiss, who has transformed himself into a Pure Titan.

Marlowe recalls Hitch's opposition to his regiment change

After the coup, Marlowe decides to join the Survey Corps to help them retake Shiganshina District. Hitch, fearing for his safety, tries to talk him out of it, arguing that he can live comfortably with the honors he will be given for aiding in the coup, but is told off by Marlowe.[15]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Marlowe thinks about Hitch in his last moments

During his final moments, Marlowe thinks of Hitch, theorizing that she is probably still sleeping.[16]

As Armin Arlert explains his plan for victory against the Colossus Titan to Eren, the now awake Hitch sits on the edge of her bed and stares out her dormitory window, worrying about Marlowe and wondering if the operation to retake Wall Maria and humanity's land will be successful.[17]

After the Survey Corps returns successful, Hitch attends a ceremony to watch as the surviving soldiers are honored for their accomplishments. However, she is left visually distressed after hearing about Marlowe's final moments from Floch Forster.[18]

War for Paradis arc

Hitch catches Armin touching Annie's crystal

While on duty watching Annie's crystal, Hitch catches Armin Arlert attempting to touch her, joking that Annie is too popular for a girl who has been asleep for years. The two exit Annie's holding area, discussing the public's growing distrust of the military due to the leaked information.

They arrive at the military's headquarters to find it picketed by an angry mob demanding Eren's release. Hitch is asked to help secure the gate to the building against the mob, and Armin leaves to meet with Commander-in-Chief Zackly.

Shortly afterward, an explosion goes off in Zackly's office, sending his dismembered corpse flying out into full view of the soldiers and protesters. Mikasa and Armin arrive back at the gate, and Hitch demands to know what happened but before they can explain the mob begins chanting "devote your hearts," to the soldiers' horror.[19]

Hitch and her companions pull out a survivor from the rubble

When the Wall Titans begin emerging from the Walls and marching south, Hitch is assigned to help civilians who have been injured by the Walls' collapse. As she is working, she and her companions notice arguments breaking out among civilians who disagree as to whether the Rumbling is justified and she is ordered to gather reinforcements and weapons in case fights begin.

After rallying reinforcements at Stohess's military headquarters, Hitch notices a trail of liquid leading from the building's basement. Hitch follows the trail and is ambushed by Annie, who attempts to threaten her. Hitch easily disarms an exhausted Annie and tries to call for reinforcements, but Annie reveals that she has already cut herself. Annie tries forcing Hitch to obey her, but Hitch is willing to call her bluff. When someone arrives at the door to check on her, Hitch makes a decision.

Hitch asks Annie how her sins make her feel

Hitch agrees to help Annie escape the district, playing her actions off as being convenient for her as well as Annie. As the two ride through Stohess, Hitch reminds Annie of the damage that she and Eren caused during their fight and asks if she feels Marley's plan justified all of the deaths. When she hears Annie's story and her wish to return to her father, Hitch appreciates that Annie is willing to confide in her.[20]

After days of travel, Hitch and Annie arrive in Shiganshina during the middle of a festival. The two stop to eat and Hitch goes to get refreshments for them while Annie waits. Hitch returns to find Annie gone and a letter explaining she went with Armin and Connie.[21]

Hitch among the Yeagerists

Three years after Eren's death, Hitch is among the Yeagerists celebrating the formation of Paradis's new army.[22]


Hitch's actual abilities are unknown, as she has never participated in combat. Boris Feulner suggests she lacks the abilities necessary to have been placed in the Military Police through honest means.[4] However, years later, after Hitch has taken her job as a police officer a little more seriously, judging by how she managed to subdue Annie when the latter threatened her, Hitch has presumably developed some fighting skills.[23]

Hitch Dreyse's statistics as of year 850[1]:



  • Marlowe Freudenberg - Hitch and Marlowe were quite the opposites to each other. Marlowe was a serious and passionate person whereas Hitch is carefree and laid-back and would often tease him for his righteous morality. [24] Despite this Hitch has exhibited deep care for Marlowe as when she furiously attacked Jean when the latter was threatening him and later tried to dissuade him from joining the Survey Corps on the mission to retake Shiganshina, fearing for his safety.[25] After hearing how Marlowe died during the mission, Hitch was visibly distressed.[26]
  • Annie Leonhart - As roommates, assigned to the same squad in Stohess District, the two were in many ways opposites, Annie being stoic and withdrawn while Hitch is outgoing and enjoys an easy life which was why they were not particularly close. Hitch found Annie to be annoying at times due to her dark and antisocial outlook on life, frequently teasing the latter in an effort to provoke a reaction on which Annie would apathetically respond with sarcasm. However, after Annie's disappearance during the fight in Stohess District, Hitch felt anger towards the Survey Corps, blaming them for losing the opportunity to get to know Annie better, believing she had died in the conflict. But then Hitch was shocked and vivid after learning Annie's true identity as the Female Titan responsible for the destruction in Wall Sheena, afterwards desperately questioning her about how her misdeeds make her feel.[3] Hitch would later be assigned to guard Annie's crystal and was often the only one to speak to her, implying that she was still somewhat fond. Hitch was the first to find Annie upon her escape from her crystal. After accepting Annie's demand to take her to Shiganshina, Annie uncharacteristically opens up to Hitch about her harsh past and feelings regarding her actions, to which Hitch thanks Annie for sharing. In the following days, Annie leaves Hitch a goodbye note, in which she thanks her for keeping her company, talking to her for four years during her lonely isolation in her crystal.[27]