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Hitch Dreyse (ヒッチ・ドリス Hitchi Dorisu?) is a 1st year Attack Junior High School student.


Hitch has a catty, unkempt appearance, with large green eyes and chin-length shaggy, wavy light brown hair. She wears a mint green sweater underneath her yellow school blazer with a blue neck bow.


Hitch acts immature in certain ways and seems to enjoy teasing and needling her fellow classmates.


Hitch does not pay attention to Marlo Freudenberg's rants along with Annie Leonhart and Boris Feulner in their club meeting.[1]

Following the student council scandal, an election for a new president is held. Hitch listens as Marlo rants about the corruption in the council. She then talks about how the corruption is what made her join, but now laments the extra work. When Marlo says he had joined the council so he could reform it, Hitch humors him. She tries asking Annie of her opinion, but is startled by how scary her face looks when she is asleep.

Hitch hits Jean

Jean barges in, proclaiming his desire to run for president. An annoyed Hitch passes him the application form and tells him to sign. When he goes on about how Hitch must like him if she wants his autograph, Hitch hits him in the head, before calling him horse face. She later introduces the election candidates for their final speeches.[2]

Hitch sees a cat

In the school's 104th festival, Hitch and Annie visit the cat café. When Hitch sees a cat, she becomes all giddy and enthusiastically tries to get its attention, rolling around until she suddenly bumps into Marlo. She is surprised to see him there surrounded by cats. Marlo tells her that he did not realize she loved cats, and she denies it, saying she is trying to show animals who the boss is. In front of Marlo, she talks down to a cat but it ignores her, with her running after it and demands meat snacks from the café seller.[3]


  • Annie Leonhart - Her fellow member in the student council club. Hitch gets along well with Annie, visiting a cat café together.[3] Although Annie's face while asleep still scares Hitch.[2]
  • Marlo Freudenberg - As members of the same club, Hitch tries to humor Marlo on his righteous mindset,[2] though does not pay attention to his rants on other occasions.[1] Hitch refuses to admit her liking for cats in front of him.[3]