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Hitch Dreyse (ヒッチ・ドリス Hitchi Dorisu?) is a Attack Junior High School student.


Hitch has an untidy appearance; with short, wavy hair cut at chin length. She also has a shaggy center bang and large, dark eyes. For clothing, Hitch wears a blazer, a neck bow, and a sweater.


Hitch tries to maintain an air of superiority and views herself as being above frivolous activities or interests.

Despite this cold and callous view towards others, Hitch is not emotionless. She does have a caring side to her that can be seen infrequently which allows her to indulge in traditional interests for girls her age, though she actively works to try and suppress it in front of others.[1]


During a student council meeting, Hitch complains that everyone always says the same thing about club reports. She then says that it was a small price to pay for not doing club activities and how it would look good on her record.[2] When a boy named Marlowe hears her comments, he calls her a schemer. Hitch comments about everyone on the council being that way causing Marlowe to get upset and tell her that his teacher insisted on him being a council member. Hitch busts out laughing at Marlow's comments until she and Marlowe are told to quiet down.

Hitch slaps Jean during the student council challenge

When a girl named Annie says that the council must eradicate the Survey Club, Marlow explains that it would be a real pain to change that status quo and asks her why she wants to do it. When Annie said that it was personal, Hitch gets angry and yells at Annie. When Marlowe tries to defend Annie, Hitch makes fun of his haircut and gets into an argument with him.[3] Eren Yeager appears out of nowhere causing Annie to get upset. Annie then challenges the Survey Club to a game of rock paper scissors and says if the council wins, the Survey Club will disband without complaint.[4] Despite Hitch beating Jean and evening it with one win apiece, Eren defeats Annie and keeps the Club from disbanding.

Later on, someone has been sending Jean several letters throughout the school; after Hitch is seen leaving Jean's locker one day, everyone naturally believes her to be his admirer.[5] Eren and Mikasa confront her over it and Hitch denies she is the one; however, she reveals to them that she was able to see the true author of the letters. They persuade Hitch to keep up the belief that she is Jean's secret admirer and to meet him after school. There, she reveals to Jean the Titan student who wrote the letters and witnesses him get flattened by said Titan after refusing its advances.[6]

Hitch finds herself challenged by Krista

During the Culture Fair at the school, Hitch notices how popular the group No Name is and begins selling some merchandise for the group during the Battle of the Bands. Unlike many of the students, Hitch is aware of the contest's rigged nature and overprices it to increase her own profits; however, she does reveal this to Eren and his friends (after they purchased several souvenirs from her).[7] After she leaves, she makes plans to spend the day with Annie but is surprised when Krista tries to join them.[8] This leads to a game of one-upmanship in an effort to win Annie's attention, which ultimately causes Hitch to run off in the end. Eventually, Annie offers to take her to a cat cafe; after picking up one of the kittens, Hitch begins acting in a similar manner to Krista, who just happens to walk by and notice her. This causes Hitch to stammer in embarrassment and try to come up with an excuse for her sudden personality shift.[9]


  • Marlowe - Hitch is always getting into arguments with Marlowe. She also likes making fun of his haircut by calling him mushroom hair.[10]
  • Annie - Hitch likes to get up in Annie's face and is always telling her to be straight forward.