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Hitch Dreyse (ヒッチ・ドリス Hitchi Dorisu?) is a member of the Military Police Brigade stationed in Stohess District.


Hitch has chin length shaggy, wavy light hair. Hitch's casual attire consists of a light collared shirt with light pants. While off duty she wears lipstick.[1] While on duty she wears the standard Military Police Brigade uniform like her fellow officers.[2]


Hitch likes to take full use of her day off by going into town to have fun. She is a lazy person, refusing to work on cases if they are boring and instead, passes her work onto others. She enjoys teasing Annie for not being girly enough.[1]


Wall Sheena, Goodbye

Sometime before the Survey Corps' 57th expedition beyond the Walls, a superior officer briefs Hitch, Marlowe, and Annie on an illegal drug known as coderoin. She is informed that the drug has only recently been introduced to Stohess District. Hitch is interested to learn that any soldier that confiscates enough of it will receive a special bonus.[2]

Hitch suggests for Annie to dress up

Hitch suggests for Annie to dress up

On the morning before the Survey Corps' 57th expedition beyond the Walls, Hitch is getting ready for a day of recreation on the town. Hitch notes Annie's lack of wardrobe variety, suggesting she should change something up to attract guys' attention. Annie asks Hitch to report her as sick the next day so that she can complete her private errand.

Carly Stratmann missing

Hitch gives Annie the missing person's report on Carly Stratmann

Hitch hands her a sketch of a young woman who was reported missing, Carly Stratmann. Hitch admits that she does not want to deal with the matter and believes Annie taking care of it would return the favor for Hitch reporting her sick. Hitch asks who the man is that Annie is meeting on her "errand," to which Annie bluntly tells her that he is a 15-meter Titan. Hitch considers this to be little more than a bad joke.[1]

When Hitch gets back to her room after her day out, she notices that Annie has not yet returned. She decides to write Annie a note. In the note, she asks if Annie has actually gone out to look for the missing girl. She decides to gift Annie a flower, writing in the note that she thinks Annie should wear the flower on her date, but if she does not follow this advice it is not Hitch's problem. Afterward, Hitch puts the note and flower on Annie's bed and goes to sleep.[3]