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How to Take the Culture from a Culture Fair (文化のぶの字もねえ Bunka Nobu no ji monē?) is the 3rd chapter of the 5th volume and the 35th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


The Culture Fair begins and as the members of the Class 4 band enjoy the festivities, the Battle of the Bands is set to begin. With several other bands entering as well, and several unforeseen issues occurring, will Eren and his group manage to beat the other bands and win the competition?


As the Culture Fair begins, Class Three is doing a bakery themed stall with Krista and Annie taking the role of servers; Eren informs them of the Battle of the Bands and invites them to attend before getting dragged away by Mikasa. As the students enjoy the food and other stands, the announcement is made that the Battle of The Bands will begin soon; Eren is stunned to see all the upperclassmen frantically running towards the exits. They are forced back by the faculty, while Armin realizes they may be in over their heads.

The audience falls unconscious during a performance

As the second year class begins the competition, a technical issue arises forcing it to be delayed. The next group never shows up and five members from Class Three are selected to fill in for them. Eren expresses surprise at seeing them while Annie protests that she not be the vocalist; she nervously approaches the mic when Eren cheers her on. This prompts Bertolt to try and save Annie by taking the mic and begins to sing off-key; this causes most of those in attendance to fall unconscious due to the poor quality.

Eren and his group, The Attackers, take the stage

After another delay, the audience tries to leave when Eren and his group take the stage. The audience reception is very favorable, giving them hope that they managed to win. However, one more band goes on the stage after them: the group that won the previous year that is known as "No Name." A masked Levi, Hange and Mike begin to perform and the audience goes wild. A dejected Eren still believes there is a chance to win despite the rest of the band accepting defeat; a moment later, the judges vote in favor of Levi, Hange and Mike, winning the Battle of the Bands for two years in a row.

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