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I'll Expunge the Dirt (汚れを駆逐してやる Yogore o Kuchiku Shite Yaru?) is the 5th chapter of the 6th volume and the 44th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


As the members of the Wall Beautification Club find new ways to use the vertical maneuvering device, Rico informs them of an upcoming Wall cleaning competition; their opponents are from the Attack Junior High 2nd District Club, who has won the last 100 times the two teams have faced off. Rico has high hopes they will finally be able to win in the upcoming competition, but are they up for the task?


One day after school, Eren goes to the gym with his friends, puts on a vertical maneuvering device and describes how he has found another usage for them besides cleaning the walls; he demonstrates by flying up and securing a basketball stuck within the rafters. Armin and Jean remark how it is a rare good idea from Eren and begin to think of other ways to utilize the equipment. However, Mikasa has some hesitation due to not knowing how Rico would react to this.

On cue, Rico enters the gym and admits that she overheard them coming up with other uses for the equipment. Eren, Jean and Armin immediately beg forgiveness, but Rico states that she likes the idea and encourages them to be like Eren and use their imagination to find other uses for the gear.

After Rico announces a Wall Beautification Competition will be coming up, Jean incredulously asks what that is and berates her for having them do more and more nonsensical tasks. She pulls out a large binder describing all the prior competitions in the club and hits Jean upside the head with it after explaining that each team will be assigned a specific part of the wall to clean in a specific time period. When Mikasa returns, Rico demands they do a quick demonstration; during this, Eren and Connie note that this is not getting any work done.

Rico goes on to mention that they will be competing against the Attack Junior High 2nd District team that has won the last 100 times the two sides have faced off. She mentions that their abilities might be enough to finally beat the other team; Jean has enough and refuses to take part when they hear Sasha let out a scream. Upon investigating, they find her section of the wall vandalized, with the 2nd District team looking down upon them.

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