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I Wanna Be The Man (I WANNA BE THE MAN?) is the 2nd side story of the 7th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Sharle notices that Kuklo's hair has grown very long and has not been cut in almost two years. She decides to give him a makeover, but Kuklo takes matters into his own hands and quickly becomes a target of affection for many of the girls attending the junior high. This goes awry and Xavi arrives to taunt him some more. Kuklo goes through several more iterations with varying results; eventually, he abandons the attempt and Sharle agrees his original look was the best out of them all. Despite this, she still decides to give Kuklo a slight change to his appearance without showing him the result.


One day, Sharle tells Kuklo that his hair has grown very long; that latter mentions that he is almost a second year student, hinting he has not cut his hair in at least a year. Sharle decides to give Kuklo a makeover and gives him a fashion magazine; Kuklo decides to try it and the next day, his new appearance takes Sharle by surprise.

As Sharle begins to say she prefers his original look, several girls appear and begin fawning over Kuklo. They begin demanding he do something sophisticated, so Kuklo goes to a nearby subway and drains the money on the subway card. Sharle sits with Kuklo after school and they try a different look; Xavi appears and laughs at Kuklo's failed attempt at a makeover, remarking the latter will never reach the same level of handsomeness he is. Kuklo promptly jumps on Xavi and begins biting the side of his head; this causes Sharle to lightly reprimand him and Xavi to flee.

The next day, Kuklo arrives in a kimono with a large glass of juice; once again, it initially goes over well but then the other girls lose interest when he tries to act like an adult and mimics punching out a timecard at exactly 5pm. Several more versions are tried out before Kuklo admits defeat and Sharle apologizes, saying his original look was her favorite despite being the one who proposed the idea in the first place.

Suddenly, Kuklo falls over and when Sharle helps him up, notices his right eye is now permanently closed. Xavi arrives and jeers again at Kuklo, commenting how it is a result of so many failed makeover attempts. When asked if there is a cure, Xavi refuses to answer and runs off laughing. Despite Sharle worrying, Kuklo likes the look and draws a scar over his eye and the bridge of his nose. As they start their second year, Sharle volunteers to trim Kuklo's hair; however, the result does not come out looking good and Sharle stalls Kuklo when he asks to see his new look in the mirror.

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