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Quote1.png I wanted to return the favor for those who were so kind to me! I was determined to make something delicious for them! Quote2.png
— Hange expresses her reason for wanting to join the cooking club

I Want to Change (私、変わりたいの Watashi, Kawaritai no?) is the 7th chapter of the 4th volume and the 30th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Hange tries to join the cooking club, only to get rebuffed several times by Nanaba; eventually, Hange is able to convince them to accept her into the club. However, she soon runs afoul of Nanaba one day during an encounter with Connie and Sasha.


Hange pleads to be taken into the club

Hange barges into the cooking club in hopes of being allowed to join them, but her request is denied by Nanaba who questions her motives. Clearing out Nanaba's doubts, Hange is disappointed to learn that she will have to pay for her ingredients, like the other members did. Not having enough money to spare aside, she begins to leave the club room, which makes Nanaba remorseful. Taking advantage of this, she returns, pleading to be taken in. When Nanaba again firmly rejects her proposal, Hange reveals the real reason for her wanting to join. During her first year days, Hange would exhaust all her savings on Titan research and would often remain hungry. That was when her friends and even juniors prepared various dishes for her and she wanted to repay that favor by making something for them herself. Moved by her words, the club members approve her request to join.

Nanaba threateningly holds a knife up to Hange

Two weeks later, as Mike and Nanaba head towards the club, they spot Hange who appears to be hiding something behind her back. Hange tells them she cannot come to the club that day when suddenly Connie and Sasha appear from behind, asking Hange if she has brought them more sweets in exchange for money. On noticing the fish specimen Hange is holding, they question if that is what she has been saving money up for. Nanaba threateningly holds a knife up to Hange's neck, while Sasha looks on, perplexed at the situation.

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