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Ian (イアン Ian?)[1] is a second year student at Attack Junior High School.


Ian is a short boy with long hair and small eyes. He wears sweatpants and a jacket like Rico


Ian is calm and easy going. He also cares about his friends. This shows when he tells Rico to not be so strict with Jean for skipping club days and telling Rico to conserve her energy for the fair and school folk dance.


When Rico is scolding Jean for being absent from the club activities, Ian interrupts her and asks her to cut the first-years some slack and to conserve her energy for the upcoming folk dance. Rico agrees with him and lets Jean off.[2]

During the Athletics Fair's Tama-ire Ball Toss competition, Ian's team plays against Jean's. While Rico angrily remembers the trouble the first-years caused for the Wall Beautification Club, Ian tries to calm her down by saying they had their reasons for causing problems. Rico says that she does not care and that she does not want anyone to think they can control the upperclassmen. They must prove their superiority by showing the elders are better than any rookie. While Jean dominates the competition, people make comments about his use of the vertical maneuvering gear and how the club is not raising their rookie right. After hearing these comments and seeing Jean's actions, Rico becomes angry and prepares to throw a ball at Jean. During this time, Ian does nothing to stop Jean or Rico. Eventually, Rico gets out of control. Ian asks Rico what happened to her, but gets no response.[3] In the end, the first years are defeated by the upperclassmen and Rico attends the dance with Ian.[4]


  • Rico - Rico is Ian's partner in the school folk dance. Rico and Ian appear to have feelings for each other.