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Ian Dietrich (イアン・ディートリッヒ Ian Dītorihhi?) is a 2nd year Attack Junior High School.


Ian has gray eyes and straight, dark blond hair parted down the middle and tucked behind his ears. He wears the standard male uniform of the school.


Ian is shown to be a strategist in the Sports Day games,[1] compassionate to his friends,[2] and selfless for the greater good when faced with a dire-situation.[3]


Ian is first seen participating in the school's Sports Day games. In the ball-tossing game, he is angered at Jean's cheating by using the Wall Cleanup Club's gear, and subsequently beat him up at Rico's signal. In the last game, shoulder wars, and after the first years take one of his grade leaders' bandana, Ian commands Rico's team to handle an opposing team in the rear, with his team and Mitabi's handling the two teams ahead.[1]

Following an election for a new student council president, Ian is seen by Rico's side, as the latter is giving a campaign speech. He later accompanies Rico during her last presidential speech, and is seen comforting her after being rejected.[2]

In the school's 104th festival, Ian, along with Rico, participate in the gourmet competition serving kamemashi. As they are about to open their rice pot's lid, everyone is interrupted by loud trembles in the ground caused by a horde of Titans approaching, and ultimately stealing all of the food stands.[4]

Ian orders everyone to defend Eren

When Eren and the others venture into the Titans' building, Ian and Rico await them at Hannes' office, having brought with them the Wall Cleanup Club's gear. Accompanying them to the principal's office, they find a key and a door inside a walled town. Ian warns them of approaching Titans, and everyone distracts them while Eren pulls the key. Seeing Eren carrying the giant key, Ian orders everyone to defend him, then witnesses him open the door.[3]


  • Rico Brzenska - Ian is close friends with Rico. He accompanied Rico during her presidential speeches, and offered emotional support once she lost.[2] They also participated together in the school's gourmet competition two years in a row, winning the first one due to teamwork.[4]