Iceburst Stone (氷爆石 Hyō baku seki?) is a mysterious resource that enables the omni-directional mobility gear to function. They are only found on Paradis Island.[1]


According to Zeke Jaeger, Iceburst Stones are only found on Paradis Island. As a result, they are extremely rare and valuable. The people of Paradis are ignorant of how valuable the stones would be to the outside world. He claims that the mineral can make a struggling nation like Hizuru prosper.[1]


Due to the practicality of such amounts of gas coming naturally in compact, solid forms, the Iceburst Stones are used as the source of gas which powers the omni-directional mobility gear.[1]

The people of Hizuru were able to produce a flying boat by using the iceburst stone as fuel.[2]



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