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This article is about the twelfth chapter of the manga. For the eleventh episode of the anime, see Idol: The Struggle for Trost, Part 7.

Quote1.png I don't know if I will be strong enough as a Titan to pick up that rock... but I understand my role. I may be an impostor, but even so, I have to succeed. I have to become... everyone's hope. Quote2.png
— Eren accepts his new duty

Icon (偶像 Gūzō?) is the 3rd chapter of the 3rd volume and the 12th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Armin formulates a simple plan for Eren to plug up the hole in Trost. Pixis gets all the soldiers' attention by introducing Eren as a human with the power of the Titans, who will use his new power to carry a large boulder to plug the hole. While some soldiers remain unconvinced, Pixis states that whoever is uneasy is free to go, but they risk giving their loved ones that same fear. Eren and his group swing down from the Wall and use said boulder to plug the hole. Eren transforms into a Titan and their operation to reclaim the district commences. However, turning to Mikasa standing behind him, he violently swings his fist at her.


With reports coming in from the Survey Corps, the military finds out which direction the Titans came from. They originated from the hole in the Shiganshina District, making the Trost District the next likely target.

Eren is determined to seal the gate

Dot Pixis, Commander of the southern Garrison forces and the official that saved Eren, Mikasa and Armin from being executed, starts his meeting with them. Known for being eccentric, he peers over the Wall, telling the three that he would not mind being eaten by a Titan if it was a stunningly beautiful lady Titan. Inquiring about the basement in Eren's old home, Pixis agrees to trust them and keep them safe, provided that they can obtain the evidence. In the meantime, he asks Armin if he really thought Eren's power could be useful or if it was just a plea for their lives. Armin answers, "both." He suggests that Eren, in his Titan form, would be able to plug the hole in the Wall with a giant boulder a short distance from the gate, allowing them to reclaim the city. Pixis asks Eren if he believes he would be able to do it. When Eren answers yes, he calls for a staff meeting to strategize. Armin believes his plan to be overly optimistic and not well thought out but Eren reassures him that Pixis knows the situation and will plan accordingly.

When the plan is announced to the soldiers, many are discouraged, believing they do not have the technology to get it done quickly enough. Daz, once again, starts to panic. Marco tries to quiet him down before he gets into trouble or starts to get to the others. Unfortunately, a nearby officer hears him and says that he could be executed, to which he replies that execution would be preferable to being eaten by a Titan. When others hear this, it starts to cause a little bit of a rebellion, with others joining in the refusal.

Pixis' escorts listen to Armin's plan

Meanwhile, Eren and Pixis, unaware of the situation with the soldiers, continue to talk on top of the Wall. Hannes sees him and is relieved that he is okay, but confused on why he is standing next to the commander. As they move to the edge, Pixis addresses the soldiers below, sharply getting their attention. He lays out the plan for the reconquest of Trost, explaining its two parts. First, they must reach the hole, and second, plug it. The second part surprises the group below, not knowing how it would be accomplished. At this point, he introduces Eren, saying that he is the result of secret experiments and can purge and control the body of a Titan. Still not entirely understanding, they continue to listen Pixis describe the rest of the plan. On top of the Wall, Armin explains in greater detail to three Garrison soldiers, including Gustav and Anka. Using the information that Titans react to concentrations of humans, they will lure them to the next Wall. They will be able to keep direct contact to a minimum and take out Titans with the cannons mounted on the Walls. A small group will be assigned to protect Eren while he moves the boulder to plug the hole.

The despairing soldiers begin to leave Trost District

On the ground, the plan is being met with resistance and disbelief. Large numbers of soldiers begin to leave the grounds in rage and despair, saying they would rather spend their last days with their family and loved ones. As more and more start to follow these examples, Captain Kitz Weilman attempts to impose capital punishment and kill the mutineers. Before he starts, Pixis informs the group that whoever leaves will be pardoned which gains the attention of the crowd once again. Knowing that Titans are fearsome and fear is natural, he says they are free to go, but that they would also be putting their loved ones in the position of facing that fear themselves. This causes them to give pause and after thinking about it further, they turn around and go back to formation. Eren, now feeling the pressure of the request, resolves that he must do his duty.

Pixis then talks about what happened four years ago at Wall Maria. The sound of reconquest had a nice ring to it, but it ended up having an ulterior motive. The population could not sustain itself in the limited space that it had, so the deaths that resulted from the mission were deemed necessary for the survival of humanity. It was a sin that all of humanity was guilty of, including himself. However, if Wall Rose was breached, humanity would not be able to get off with just twenty percent of the population being killed. With only Wall Sheena left for them to live in, less than half of the population could be sustained, which is why reclaiming territory this time is so important.

Eren attacks Mikasa

With the operation underway, Eren, Mikasa and a small group of soldiers get into position. They head for the shortest route and find no Titans in their way. Eren thinks back to all of the defeats and all of the land that humanity has lost. If the plan succeeds, it will be the first victory they have had. As they near the boulder, Eren bites his hand and emerges in his Titan form. As he walks toward the boulder, he looks over his shoulder and attacks Mikasa, who is accompanying him.

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Next to the boulder that Pixis, Armin and Eren plan to use to seal the gate in Trost, there is a signboard written in Walls writing, which translates to the following katakana:


In English this means "this rock was here before the construction of the town."[1]


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