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Ilse's Rage (イルゼの怒り Iruze no Ikari?) is the 7th and final chapter of the 5th volume and the 39th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


After a student public speaking forum, Jean finds himself in second place behind Flegel Reeves. He soon finds out from Ilse, a member of the school newspaper that he has yet to do any campaigning and suspects the system is rigged. When approached to help her, will Jean assist this reporter to discover the truth?


During a public speaking forum, Reiner makes a speech trying to convince the audience why he should be voted the new class president. After he leaves, Jean prepares himself while Connie and Sasha look on. Going out, he makes an impassioned speech that garners some of the audience's interest.

However, he is dismayed to see that he is second place to Flegel Reeves. While Mikasa tells him to be quiet and stop complaining, Jean goes to the student polling place and overhears a second year student named Ilse questioning the ballot counters as well. Recognizing him as one of the candidates, she volunteers to find out if the system was rigged and asks Jean to help her. Ilse mentions to Jean that despite Flegel not doing anything, he remains in first place in the polls. Despite realizing this could help him overtake Flegel in the polls and become class president, Jean decides to not assist Ilse; he confidently believes that the other students realize something is amiss and he wants to be known for his honesty. When Ilse decides to write an expose on Jean, he finally agrees to help.

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