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Ilse Langnar (イルゼ・ラングナー Iruze Rangunā?) is a 2nd year student and the news reporter for Attack Junior High School.


Ilse has short black hair that is parted to the right side, lightly tanned skin, and gold-colored eyes with a small patch of freckles on her cheeks. She wears the standard female uniform of the school.


Ilse seems to be very devoted to her job as a news reporter and concentrates mostly on her line of work. She always carries a notebook to record all events that happen.


Ilse taking notes

Ilse is seen taking notes of a meeting with Marlo, Annie, Hitch, and Boris.[1]

During the Sports Day, Ilse is the commentator.[2]

Ilse encounters a Titan

Ilse is running to her club room while holding her notebook after uncovering a scandal done by the student council president. She writes that she had witnessed a terrible act by the president, vowing to write about his wrongdoing in order to make him resign. While still running to her club room, Ilse suddenly encounters a Titan that makes her scream in fear and run in the opposite direction, dropping her notebook in the process.

After an election for a new president is held, Ilse is seen taking notes of one of the candidates, and is shocked when suddenly a group of other candidates starts chasing after her for her notebook. After finding that the notebook is of no benefit to them, the candidates leave, and the notebook is returned to her by Marco, who apologizes for everyone's behavior.

At the time for each candidate's final presidential speech, Ilse stands on the press section documenting the process.

Ilse advocates for Marco

When Marco defends his friend after being rejected, Ilse starts applauding and talks to the crowd, telling them that what Marco just did was the right thing without being influenced by personal feelings, and that he himself stands in the front line to save his friend, further saying she recommends and calls him fit to become the new president, with the crowd cheering.[3]

During the school's 104th festival, Ilse passes by a cat café while taking notes, and is startled by the sudden noise coming from the place.[4]

When the Wall Cleanup Club members go to the Titans' building to get back their stolen food, Ilse follows and comments their progress with Marco filming her.[5]


  • Marco Bodt - They attend at the same school with Ilse being older. She noted Marco's selflessness and recommended to the school to vote for him at the president council election, stating that his kind personality was the most important quality for this post.[3] During the Wall Cleanup Club raid in the Titans buildings, they are following and filming their progress.[5]