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Ilse Langnar (イルゼ・ラングナー Iruze Rangunā?)[1] is a second year student at Attack Junior High School.


Ilse is a student of average height and has dark hair parted down the middle with slightly larger than normal eyes. She is usually seen wearing the traditional school uniform for Attack Junior High School.


Illustrated by her position on the school newspaper, Ilse is determined to uncover the truth regarding many subjects and events that occur at the school. She is known to be persuasive and threatened Jean to write an expose on him if he refused to help with an investigation.[2]

While known to be a moral person and always striving to do the right thing, Ilse can also let any power and status given to her go to her head very quickly.


During the election for class president, Ilse is tasked with tracking the race; she eventually notices that one of the contestants, Flegel Reeves, has done virtually no fundraising yet remains atop the other candidates. Ilse comes across another candidate named Jean who also is suspicious how Flegel is ahead of the others. She offers to join forces with Jean to get to the bottom of the mystery; when he refuses, Ilse mentions how she is aware he forged the endorsement of the 'No-Name Band' and blackmails him into helping.

They manage to track down one of the factories owned by Flegel's father; when Jean suggests they burn it down, Ilse slaps him and says they are there to investigate. Leading Jean through the factory, Ilse tells him about who Flegel's father is and both are shocked to see that the products made are then sold to the school. Ilse becomes despondent that it is circumstantial at best and it is not enough to report on; Jean points out a large banner saying plain and clear for the workers to help Flegel to win.[3]

Taking pictures of the evidence, Ilse goes back to the school the next day and tries to get the story published in the school newspaper; however, since they broke into a building to find it (and partly due to a fellow candidate was there and the paper is also owned by Reeves), the story is refused by the club's editor. Ilse is later approached by Jean and tells her of Flegel's plan, which he managed to overhear, to ban all foods except for donuts at the school. She decides to help, thinking that the plan is greedy and Jean's determination would make him a better class president. After luring Flegel into a trap, Ilse tries to intimidate Flegel to drop out of the race due to finding incriminating evidence on him. Eventually, Ilse learns that Jean's true reasons for running are just as shallow as Flegel's; she then frees Flegel and beats Jean upside the head, dissolving their partnership. Ilse then decides to run for president as well and manages to win the race. She soon implements a health food oriented program at the school; this leads to a mass student riot that unseats her as class president, with the student body selecting 1st year student Marco Bott as her replacement.[4]


  • Jean Kirstein - Ilse would be impressed with Jean's fire and determination to emerge victorious as class president, offering (and later forcing him) to help find any evidence that could help him in winning the race. She would eventually learn Jean's motives for running were to boost his own self-esteem; this causes Ilse to cut ties and run against him herself.
  • Flegel Reeves - From the beginning of the class presidential race, Ilse was suspicious of Flegel remaining ahead of other candidates without fundraising or making appearances. She would eventually find evidence against him and attempt to pressure him to leave; despite this, she does feel a small bit of pity towards him and does end up freeing Flegel after trapping him.