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In the Thick of Paranoia (暗鬼の杜 Anki no Mori?) is the 2nd chapter of the 15th volume and the 54th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


As Carlo suspends the training exercises after Rosa is injured due to her equipment being sabotaged, many wonder who could be responsible. Suspicion falls upon Xavi, due to being part of the Military Police, yet Kuklo and Jorge surprisingly believe him to be innocent. If not Xavi, who could have been responsible and will they strike again?


Ivo believes Rosa's equipment was sabotaged

As Sharle looks over Rosa, she notices that one of the harness straps was cut by a knife. As the others mull over who was behind the sabotage, Felix rushes over asking if Rosa is alright. Kuklo keeps him back, cautioning that Rosa may have struck her head. When Felix demands that someone did this deliberately, Carlo silences him and cancels the training exercises for the day. He orders both Kai and Kurz to bring a stretcher and for all the trainees to submit their equipment for inspection; before leaving, he admonishes Felix for leaving his group and sentences him to a half day in the guardhouse.

Later that night, Carlo asks Sharle and Angel for the results of the inspection. Sharle reveals that three sets of equipment were damaged along with Rosa's. Sharle suspects that Xavi could have been specifically informed by Vice Commander Bernhart to sabotage the efforts, but both Kuklo and Jorge have their doubts. After Carlo agrees to send an order for a lock to be installed on the maintenance room, Kuklo suddenly goes to the door; not seeing anyone in the hallway, Kuklo returns and Carlo dismisses them. Fuchs, who had been eavesdropping, returns to Xavi and informs him of the meeting. Xavi smiles at this, but does not respond.

Fuchs stands behind a tree

In the barracks, Felix angrily wonders aloud who could have been behind the sabotage; Kai proposes that they could track down the culprit themselves. After Hugo and Ivo agree, they decide to go along with the plan. Knowing that a lock will be installed in the next few days, they agree to meet up after training tomorrow in case the perpetrator decides to sabotage even more sets of equipment. Elsewhere, Kuklo walks past a window and stops, peering out into the night. A short distance away, Fuchs stands behind a tree.

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