This Interior Squad soldier (中央第一憲兵団兵士 Chūō dai Kenpeidan Heishi?) is a member of the Military Police Brigade.


This Interior Squad soldier is an older, middle-aged man. His dark hair is closely shaved and he has a receding hairline. He dresses in the standard uniform of the Military Police Brigade and wears vertical maneuvering equipment, though he is not seen making use of it.


Although he presents himself as a calm, collected, and professional soldier, this soldier is very cruel. He takes great joy in taunting Flegel Reeves before trying to kill him, and becomes upset when he does not get the emotions he wants out of the boy. The soldier is very careless in his conduct, freely divulging Military Police secrets to Flegel under the assumption that the boy will soon be dead and unable to pass the confessions along to anyone else, failing to account for possible eavesdroppers.


The Uprising arc

MP soldier accuses the Survey Corps

The soldier accuses the Survey Corps

This soldier accompanies Kenny Ackerman to pick up Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss from Dimo Reeves.[1]

During the pickup, Kenny kills Reeves, and this soldier brings Reeves's body to Trost District, asking that Erwin Smith be summoned. Upon Erwin's arrival, the soldier claims that Reeves must have been killed by the Survey Corps in order to rescue Eren Yeager from the Military Police. He informs Erwin that the corps' soldiers will have to appear before the Royal Government to plead their case and prove that they are innocent in Reeves' murder.[2]

MP soldier threatens Trost citizens

The soldier threatens Trost citizens

The soldier is next seen pursuing Flegel Reeves through Trost, finally cornering him in a damaged section of the district. After belittling Flegel, and taking a moment to rejoice that he will not be killed for leaving Flegel alive, the soldier prepares to execute the boy. Before he kills Flegel, he decides to indulge him and inform him of why the Military Police killed his father, admitting that it was because he chose to ally himself with the Survey Corps. Unhappy that Flegel does not seem afraid of him, the soldier prepares to kill Flegel, but is interrupted by Hange Zoë and Moblit Berner, who quickly disarm him and his men.

The soldier is even more surprised to find that the damaged buildings around him are not abandoned, and are in fact filled with citizens who have overheard his conversation with Flegel. He begins threatening them, claiming that anything they say will be silenced by the Royal Government, but is interrupted by Flegel, who sits down on his head and declares that the Reeves Company will protect Trost from the Military Police.[3]

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