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Iron Chef (14 Years Old) (料理の鉄人(14才) Ryōri no Tetsujin (14-sai)?) is the 4th chapter of the 6th volume and the 43rd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Mikasa's cooking skills have been noted by the Cooking Club and they wish to challenge her to a cook-off; will she accept the challenge and if so, can she beat the skills of all the Cooking Club members?


After Mikasa hands Eren a bento box for lunch one day, Sasha, Armin, Jean and Connie marvel over how great it looks, with Sasha remembering how one of the students in the Cooking Club wished to learn her cooking methods; just then, a note addressed to Mikasa arrives inviting her to go to the Home Economics room after school. Taking this as a challenge, Eren accepts it on Mikasa's behalf and prepares to fight the students inside.

After barging in, Eren is confused when the Cooking Club warmly greets them. Telling Eren how he is acting stupid, Nanaba points out that the letter is inviting her friends to be the judges in a cook-off pitting Mikasa against the entire Cooking Club. Mikasa shows little interest until Eren insists that she accept, showing off all the work and effort the Club made to get them here.

As the challenge begins, Armin and Sasha are impressed with Mike's preparation attempt with fish and muse over the reasons why he ultimately does not use them; Armin supposes that it is due to the cutting and the specific smell they give off. Meanwhile, Jean and Connie look over how Gelgar is preparing his flambe dish with wine, marveling how he uses wine to help increase the cooking heat and the overall taste. Finally, Nanaba is preparing rice in an old fashioned wood burning cooker which amazes Armin. Meanwhile, Mikasa quietly prepares her dish while Sasha hopelessly predicts she will lose; Nanaba increases the stakes when she reveals that if Mikasa loses, she must transfer out of the Survey Club and enroll in the Cooking Club instead.

Finally, all the dishes are prepared and presented for the Class 4 students to judge. After eating all the food (with them even asking for seconds from the Cooking Club) Nanaba directs them to a scoreboard and requests they vote. As most of the students vote for the Club's food, they proclaim victory; however, Eren notes that all the dishes were good and refuses to vote. No winner is declared and Mikasa replies that if she had to transfer to the Cooking Club, she would have forced Eren to join too.

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