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Ivo Hummel (イーヴォ・フンメル Īvo Funmeru?)[2] is a recruit of the Survey Corps.


Ivo is a young man with a somewhat stocky build, freckles, blond hair and grey eyes. He wears a white button up shirt underneath the traditional uniform of the Training Corps.

By the end of the training period and just prior to the start of the expedition outside the Walls, Ivo has notably slimmed down and is more muscular.[3]


Admitting to be nervous about fighting Titans, Ivo still shows an interest in joining the Survey Corps like his friends.[4] He is also not afraid to get involved when his friends are made fun of or if their lives are on the line.[5][6]


Restoration of the Survey Corps arc

Rosa introduces Ivo and the others to Kuklo

During a training session, Ivo and his friends come across an unconscious teen who washed up along the banks of a river. They take him to a nearby empty cottage for him to heal; due to being trainees at the nearby academy, they are only able to visit at night and do their best to help the teen recover. Roughly a week after they find him, Ivo is informed by his friend Rosa that the teen is awake, and they return that night.[7] After hearing his name and that he is possibly working on a secret anti-Titan project, Ivo theorizes that to keep him from being discovered, they must keep Kuklo at the cottage until further notice. His friend Felix informs Ivo that Jorge Pikale will be visiting the school in a few weeks, and he would know what to do; surprised, Ivo claims that Jorge is working in Shiganshina as an instructor. When Kai expresses his desire to join the Survey Corps to fight Titans, Ivo admits that he is nervous to fight them but admits he wants to join as well. When Rosa asks Kuklo to put in a good word for them, Ivo pries and asks if Rosa's mother is still against her joining. After hearing Kuklo warn them about the dangers of fighting Titans outside the walls (and that he saw countless soldiers eaten in front of him), Ivo and the other recruits agree to take the training seriously to convince Jorge and Carlo Pikale, the current head of the Corps, that they are worthy.[8]

Ivo, Rosa and Kai approach the cottage

Over the course of the next two weeks, Ivo and his friends return to check in on Kuklo. Eventually, he, Kai and Rosa find two members of the Military Police approaching the cabin. When accused of harboring fugitives inside, Ivo tries to attack but quickly finds a rifle pointed at his head.[9] Only the timely arrival of Hugo, Felix and Jorge Pikale do the two MP's believe the story and leave. As Kuklo jumps out of a tree and uses his device, Ivo and the others are awestruck to see it being used. Ivo wonders if there is a way for them to learn. Soon, Ivo is seen assembled with his friends and other recruits in front of Survey Corps captain Carlo Pikale, who announces a voluntary special curriculum to train recruits with the device;[6] Ivo volunteers along with his friends. During their first logistics exercise, Rosa passes out due to dehydration; Ivo runs on ahead to notify Cardina while the others help Rosa back. That night, Ivo hears another group of recruits in the mess hall badmouth Rosa and the curriculum and takes part in the resulting fight.[10]

Ivo becomes the first to keep his balance on the Aptitude Training device

Several days pass and the recruits are informed the training regimen will be changed. Ivo looks at the three aptitude training devices and notes that while he is glad the regular exercises are canceled, he is nervous about what they will have to do instead. He overhears that they will be hoisted up and must maintain their balance while suspended in the air. Seeing recruit after recruit fail in keeping their balance, Ivo is understandably nervous when Kuklo calls him up. Despite struggling at first, Ivo manages to keep his balance and is the first recruit to pass the test. Elated, this gives his friends (and the other recruits present) a boost of confidence; however, Rosa, Kai and Felix all fail the test. At the end of the day, Ivo is one out of five recruits (along with Xavi, the monitor sent by the Military Police) who succeeded in passing.[11]

Ivo refuses to withdraw his application

The next day, Ivo goes with the others to the Wall and becomes fearful after witnessing Titans for the first time.[12] After hearing several other recruits withdraw their applications, Ivo considers withdrawing too; however, seeing both Kuklo and Cardina maintaining a calm demeanor convinced him to stay in the program.[13] Ivo, along with Hugo and fellow recruit Kurz get sets of vertical maneuvering equipment and are taken to a nearby forest to practice. After seeing both Kurz and Hugo fail, Ivo becomes nervous about testing it; fortunately, he manages to secure himself onto a branch.[14] However, he does not disengage in time and gets knocked unconscious.

When Kai makes an off-hand comment about Felix not passing the aptitude test, Ivo silences him and assures him that he will do fine in the third test.[15] Eventually, Felix is able to pass the aptitude test too and they begin the next phase of training: going up against a 10m Titan dummy. Ivo is among the crowd watching Rosa and is shocked to see her equipment was sabotaged.[16] That night, he poses that the equipment could have been damaged another way but is quickly (and angrily) told off by Felix.[17] Ivo ultimately agrees with the others to scope out the equipment maintenance room to try and catch the person(s) responsible. The next night, they are caught by Kuklo, but merely told to be quiet and to follow him.[18] Reaching the equipment room, they are stunned to see Xavi and Ivo tries to keep Felix from attacking him. After Xavi insults Felix and leaves, Ivo and Kai notice several unconscious forms in the corner and realize the ones behind the sabotage were the trainees that insulted Rosa's performance early in the training program.[19]

Survival Expedition arc

Ivo manages to complete the training program and is accepted as an official member of the Survey Corps along with the rest of the other trainees. As part of the special training class, Ivo is assigned to be in team ten; he is surprised to hear that Rosa was appointed the team's leader. As the newly accepted soldiers celebrate that night, Ivo asks Cardina why Kuklo or himself were not selected as one of the Team Leaders for the expedition; Cardina replies that since the team is comprised of members of the training class, they chose Rosa who showed the most progression over the three months.[20] Ivo is surprised to hear Cardina state that him and Kuklo were ineligible due to the Military Police's presence, but understands the reasoning. Suddenly, a drunk Felix, Kurz and numerous others vow to become Team Leader as well someday; Ivo laughs in embarrassment but joins in Rosa's toast to the Survey Corps.[21]