Jean and the Love Umbrellas (ジャンと相合い傘 Jan to Aiaigasa?) is the 8th chapter of the 1st volume and the 8th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Jean Kirstein sees a boy drawing a love umbrella on the wall and before long, quite a few members of the 104th Training Corps and the Survey Corps begin drawing umbrellas of their own.


Jean finds a kid with a love umbrella

Jean finds a boy drawing a love umbrella

Jean finds a boy drawing a love umbrella on the wall and teases him about it, but the boy defiantly tells him it is better than doing nothing. Deciding that the boy has a point, Jean draws one too.

Soon after, Reiner tells Bertolt about how it has become popular to draw an umbrella on the wall with one's own name and that of a crush beneath it. Jean overhears this and panics when Reiner directs him to the wall where he has already drawn one.

Jean finds out that the wall is covered with umbrellas and decides he had better scratch out his umbrella with Mikasa before anyone he knows sees it, but the onlookers mistake him for a thug scratching out the umbrella of someone else. Upset, Jean yells that this is his own umbrella, attracting the attention of Connie and Sasha. Sasha asks to see it.

Meanwhile, Oluo is annoyed that Petra wants to draw an umbrella, and she tells him that no one else will care. He sighs and admits that it should not be a big deal if other people learn about their relationship, however the name Petra writes down is "Captain Levi."

Krista discovers the umbrella that Ymir made for them. Ymir is quite pleased with herself, until she notices all the other names crammed underneath to be paired with Krista.

Mikasa scares Bertolt

Mikasa scares the daylights out of Bertolt

Seeing the wall, Bertolt wants to draw an umbrella for him and Annie, but he does not want anyone to see it, so he finds a patch hidden by some blades of grass, only to find that someone else already had the same idea and drew Eren and Mikasa under an umbrella. Mikasa catches Bertolt and gives him a death glare.

Jean manages to extricate himself from Sasha and Connie, as well as erase his umbrella, but decides to scope out the wall before he leaves in case they left umbrellas of their own. However, he finds that someone has left an umbrella with Jean and Eren inscribed underneath it and Jean furiously scratches it out.

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