• The Harsh Mistress of the City
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Jodi is a teacher and part of the earliest members of the resistance in Quinta District. She appears in the light novel and Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Part 2.


Jodi is in her thirties, but looks extremely young as Mathias Kramer finds her girlish despite her age. Gabriele calls her a bit plain. When Mathias meets her in preparation for rescuing Bernhardt she is wearing baggy clothing, so she can hide a cloth bag carrying vertical maneuvering equipment under her garments.[1]


Jodi appears to be a courageous individual, since she is willing to risk handing off stolen military equipment and a shotgun in front of guards while pretending to be giving a hug to a loved one.[2]


Jodi meets Mathias Kramer and Gabriele when they prepare to go outside for their turn in the Night Harvest. She mixes in with a number of well-wishers who are also saying their farewells. Jodi pulls Mathias into a hug and warns him to be careful as he sneaks over the bagged vertical maneuvering equipment she is hiding under extra layers of clothing. She also hands him a shotgun, wrapped in cloth with a belt to fix it to his leg. She then departs with the rest of the crowd.[3]

When the resistance is freed to assist with the evacuation of Quinta District, Jodi is among the last to leave.[4]



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