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Survey Corps Captains
◄ Preceded by Jorge Pikale
Followed by ►
Unknown Vacant, eventually Carlo Pikale

Jorge Pikale (ホルヘ・ピケール Horuhe Pikēru?) is an instructor (教官 Kyōkan?) of the Training Corps and a former captain (隊長 Taichō?) of the Survey Corps. He was also believed to be the first human being to kill a Titan by using the prototype vertical maneuvering equipment, earning him the title "Jorge the Hero."


Jorge is an older gentleman with long, thin, shoulder-length hair. He wears a confident expression with thick, striking eyebrows, and a dark-colored mustache. During his time in the Survey Corps he wore the standard uniform of that time. After stepping down, he became an instructor of the Training Corps and now wears the standard issue uniform.


As a former captain of the Survey Corps, Jorge is an experienced individual who is well versed in combat and leadership. Although Jorge is a man of high status, he still retains a sense of humility while being confident in himself, and is willing to fight for the rights of humanity.


The Titan's Son arc

Shortly after the breach of Wall Maria, Jorge organizes an expedition to capture a Titan to seek out any potential weak points; this group is comprised of sixty Survey Corps members including his son Carlo.[2] A few days before the start of the expedition, Jorge is visited by inventor Angel Aaltonen who requests that he join them during the expedition. Seeing that Angel is not a soldier and has not participated in any Titan activities before, Jorge harbors some misgivings. However, Jorge changes his mind after their mutual friend Sorum vouches for him and Angel mentions he has a possible Titan weapon the Survey Corps can utilize.

Jorge looks at the Titan captured by Angel and the Survey Corps

Thanks to Angel's iron bamboo net, they are able to successfully capture a Titan. They begin to inspect the Titan to see where a potential weak point would be located and Jorge orders the other soldiers to begin cutting at different parts of its body. After slicing numerous times and not getting any progress made, Jorge orders explosives simultaneously detonated on the limbs instead; this has no effect either as the limbs grow back instantaneously.[3] After hearing Titans approaching their location, Jorge orders them to withdraw; suddenly and without warning, the captured Titan breaks loose and begins to attack several of the soldiers. Then, Jorge notices the arrival of the same Titan that broke through the Walls, and he gives the order to disperse. He is able to get back to the Wall with some of the soldiers, but at the cost of many others, including Sorum.

At some time during the next fifteen years, Jorge left the Survey Corps and becomes an instructor of the Training Corps, with his son Carlo taking over as captain.

Shiganshina arc

Jorge saves Cardina and Kuklo from Titans

Jorge is notified by his son Carlo about an urgent matter; he then works with him to free two prisoners that will be sent beyond Wall Maria and fed to Titans. Before embarking to the Wall, he is told that the person who provided him with information, a young woman named Sharle, may be in danger and arranges for her to travel to a safe location within Wall Rose. He then arrives at the top of Wall Maria and notices a wagon containing prisoners being sent out. He then spots two people running back towards the Wall and theorizes that those must be the ones Carlo told him about. Jorge activates a light and shines it to get their attention.[4]

Soon, one of them arrives to his position and Jorge tosses down a line. Both see the other is falling behind and caught by a Titan; Jorge tells the boy to leave the other behind, but the latter refuses. Eventually both return to the Wall and Jorge tells them to grab onto the cable he sent down;[5] the two grab on and are then pulled up to safety. Jorge then introduces himself and recognizes one as the "Titan's Son" Kuklo, while Cardina is shocked to see the man who saved them was the first one to have ever successfully killed a Titan.[6]

Visit to the Industrial City arc

As they ride through the forest, Kuklo recalls hearing the same story about Jorge and that he is the father of Carlo, the current head of the Survey Corps. Kuklo asks Jorge if Carlo asked him to do this and why he had waited until now to do anything. Jorge replies that he did not have enough time to prove their innocence or bribe the guards, so he waited for them to send the two beyond the wall.[7] Cardina replies that it was the best course of action due to not being made official by the government and the Military Police; otherwise, the public would mistrust them. Jorge agrees and says that now, the Military Police will not chase either of the two due to them being thought of as deceased. He says that despite it being a last-minute rescue, he was able to save two lives instead of just one. Cardina thanks Jorge and it is revealed that Jorge was Cardina's former instructor in the Training Corps.[8] Jorge tells Cardina that he had potential to join the Military Police had he not dropped out, but the latter says it would not have been a good match despite the power and clout being an MP would give. Hearing this, Kuklo remembers about Sharle and asks where Jorge is taking them; the latter says until the issues in Shiganshina cool down, they are going to an Industrial City within Wall Rose and that he helped Sharle escape to the city to safety as well.[9] While Jorge did not plan to get involved with the Inocencio family, he says the recent actions by the Military Police are troubling and that he also could not "turn a deaf ear to the pleas of a helpless young woman". Jorge also mentions that he has to return the machine he borrowed to save them at the Wall. When asked what it is, Jorge merely says that it has no name but simply known as "The Device".[10] Kuklo then asks if it was able to kill a Titan, why the Survey Corps have not been using it as an alternative to using swords while on horseback. Jorge reveals that it has a fatal flaw in the design: it can only go up or down.[11] Cardina agrees that it would be useless as a means to fight against Titans due to Titans being able to move in all directions. Jorge further reveals that he was not actually the one who had fought the Titan; although he was leading the expedition party, a craftsman who was accompanying them was the one who truly defeated it. Finally, since the craftsman disappeared soon after the expedition, they were not able to produce more.[12]

They soon arrive at the Industrial City. When asked by Kuklo why there are so many members of the Military here, Jorge responds that where they are is the main weapon manufacturing plant for the entire Military.[13] He then sees Sharle coming towards them, and she leads the three to the workshop run by Jorge's friend, Xenophon. Jorge hands back over the Device he borrowed and introduces Xenophon to both Kuklo and Cardina. He shares Xenophon's suggestion that the two would be worthy candidates to join the Survey Corps, mentioning that prior to him rescuing the two, they were able to fend off multiple Titans outside the Wall. He is pleased when Kuklo affirms that he wants to join the Survey Corps, only if he can learn how to use "The Device". Later at dinner, Jorge mentions that he must return back to the Training Corps the following day. He and Xenophon discuss the device and how Xenophon wished that Jorge brought him along, so he could actually see the device in use. Later on, he overhears Kuklo talking with Sharle and is troubled when he hears that Titans will someday break through the Walls to attack the remnants of humanity.[14]

Jorge demonstrates the superiority of iron bamboo compared to a standard iron sword

The next morning, Jorge and Xenophon decide to travel to the iron bamboo forest along with Kuklo, Sharle and Cardina. After meeting and convincing Jentsch Dafner, the commander of the Military Police in the city to let them by, they travel through the main gate and into the forest. After reaching a clearing within the forest, numerous rows of bamboo are seen sprouting from the ground. Jorge confirms that despite the feel and texture, the bamboo are actual plants.[15] He then demonstrates how much more durable they are to regular steel by trying to cut one with his standard iron sword. Xenophon mentions that this is the only spot where iron bamboo naturally grows, and Jorge confirms that because of it, they must limit how much is harvested over time. Jorge then recounts the story of how he was part of the mission that involved the successful capture of a Titan.

Kuklo inquires if there is more to the story and Jorge replies that there indeed is. Although Sorum was killed by the explosion, the blast of steam and subsequent disappearance of the Titan was enough for Jorge and Angel to confirm that somewhere in the head or neck lies the weakpoint for all Titans.[16] A later clandestine mission proved them correct, but Angel went into hiding soon after. Jorge then reluctantly decided to take credit for killing the Titan in order to prevent the Survey Corps being dismantled. He smiles when both Kuklo and Cardina pledge to join the Survey Corps and carry on Angel's determination.[17] The next day Jorge leaves the Industrial City, promising to return in several months after the situation has calmed down.[18]

Dissidence Movement arc

During the next three months, Jorge organizes with his son Carlo and Maria Carlstead of the Garrison to set up a night test with the improved device. Eventually, the Military Police's investigation cools off enough and Jorge returns to the Industrial City. He notifies both Kuklo and Cardina that they are able to return to Shiganshina and notes how much progress the two have made with training.[19] They reach the Survey Corps headquarters and meet back up with Carlo. The two then explain how the number of Survey Corps members have drastically fallen over the years, but are optimistic that with the device, their numbers will grow once again.[20] After settling in, they all head to Wall Maria for the test. Jorge and Carlo help Cardina down and then discuss how much things have changed. Suddenly, they see a signal from Kuklo and Jorge helps Carlo save the two before they are devoured by Titans. Jorge is unnerved to hear that the Titan Ogre was among those that tried attacking the two teens[21] and goes on to explain that the Titan was responsible for the death of his subordinate Heath, who was Kuklo's father.

Jorge distracts members of the Military Police

The next day, Jorge hears that a growing rebellion is taking place in the Industrial City and makes plans to return. Once arriving, Jorge is met with resistance from several members of the Military Police; he distracts them while Kuklo infiltrates the city. After he hears that Kuklo was injured, Jorge has faith that Kuklo will be fine and manages to keep Cardina from heading out into the city. He hears that Jentsch has lost his position due to allowing the rebellion to happen on his watch and that Bauduin Bernhart has taken command of the Military Police branch in the Industrial City, restricting Jorge's access to the city as a whole.[22] While planning to restore connections to the Industrial City, Jorge begins coordinating with Carlo to tour the training academies and scout out new possible recruits to the Survey Corps. He also informs Carlo of his wish to have a training regimen for new recruits to properly use the device. Carlo and Cardina agree to work on it while Jorge is off scouting the academies.[23]

Restoration of the Survey Corps arc

After arriving at the training academy in Wall Rose, Jorge comes across two trainees named Hugo and Felix, who tell him that Kuklo is at a cabin within the woods of Wall Rose. As they arrive, Hugo and Felix's fellow trainees are being threatened by two members of the Military Police. Jorge orders them to put down their rifles immediately and asks what they are doing.[24] When he hears the two MP's claim the trainees are harboring fugitives from the Dissidence Movement, Jorge laughs and brushes the claims off as absurd; he notes they clearly are from the training academy and, due to their reactions, they were unaware and not notified of the two MP's intentions. Jorge goes to the house and, knowing Kuklo is inside, signals to him by loudly banging open the door. Claiming the door was lighter than he expected, Jorge invites the MP's to search the area. After finding nothing, the MP's apologize for their behavior and leave.

Jorge then tells Kuklo it is safe to come out and the two greet each other. When the trainees inquire if the device is truly to fight Titans, Jorge confirms it by saying he used it himself fifteen years ago.[25] When Kuklo claims that Jorge was set to arrive several days later, the latter wishes to speak privately due to changed plans. Inside the cabin, Jorge hears about Kuklo's duel with Xavi and the events after they separated at the Industrial City gate. Jorge notes that one of them, Rosa, is Maria and Sorum's daughter and is not surprised to hear her wish to join the Survey Corps. Jorge informs Kuklo that both Sharle and Xenophon are fine, but they have lost access to the Industrial City for the time being. He notifies Kuklo of his work with Carlo and Cardina and decides to allow the recruits inside, no doubt curious and full of questions about the device.[26]

Jorge cries as he watches a demonstration of the vertical maneuvering equipment

After several days, numerous recruits attend the special training regimen in order to learn about the device. As Kuklo and Cardina begin instructing them, Jorge overlooks the different sizes of the recruits present. Carlo notes that they do not fit the mold of regular soldiers, but Jorge insists that the device would not work for the soldiers they normally select and they must be open to all applicants. A month later, Jorge is surprised to see Angel arriving at the barracks of the training academy. Carlo brings them all inside where they catch up and hear about the newest version of the device Angel and Sharle crafted with Xenophon. They journey to a nearby forest where Kuklo volunteers to test it out. As Jorge sees it in action, he shares a renewed hope for the Survey Corps with his son Carlo and starts to silently cry.[27] After hearing that an expedition is set to test the device in three months, Jorge realizes that it will coincide with the finish of the training program; knowing it would force untrained recruits to face down Titans after barely learning how to operate the vertical maneuvering equipment, he angrily berates Sharle but Kuklo and Cardina come to her defense.[28] Later, both Jorge and Carlo express surprise when Sharle states that Gloria was interested in the possibility of using the equipment to fight against Titans; this is due to her being the first person outside the Survey Corps who has taken an interest in Titan combat as well as being the niece of the man who wishes to disband the Corps. Jorge learns that the three months was all Gloria could guarantee before she is no longer in charge of the Industrial City MP's, but he is still incensed by the short span of time. Nevertheless, Jorge informs the trainees that the training schedule is being altered slightly and they will begin after breakfast. Both Jorge and Carlo watch as the trainees perform the balancing test and then review the results that evening.[29]

Jorge tells Rosa he knows both her mother and father

The next day, Jorge takes the trainees on a trip to Wall Maria. On the way there, Rosa offers to take the reins but Jorge politely declines; he muses that Rosa is a lot like her mother, looking after others before herself. He mentions to Rosa that he knows her mother, as well as her father Sorum. Chuckling, he mentions a rumor started within the Corps that if you see Maria before leaving on an expedition, you are guaranteed to return safely.[30] Becoming serious, Jorge tells Rosa that he is aware of Maria not wanting Rosa to join the Corps and asks if she wants to join solely out of a need for vengeance. After hearing Rosa confirm his suspicions, Jorge cautions against having vengeance be her sole motivation; he then brings to light that Kuklo and his situation is very similar to Rosa's, yet he does not fight out of pure revenge. He fights for a different reason so others are not trapped in the same cage he was for most of his life, and Jorge advises Rosa to find a reason as well. Jorge reveals Kuklo's prophecy of Titans one day breaching the Wall helped drive him to reorganize the Training Corps and pushed him and Carlo to rebuild the Survey Corps so humanity will stand a chance against the Titans.[31] Jorge follows Rosa as the recruits begin climbing up the Wall via ladders and notices her starting to panic; he manages to calm her and help her regain her focus.[32]

Jorge recognizes the sabotage was due to jealousy

Once Xavi Inocencio arrives at the training facility on behalf of the Military Police, Jorge hears that he managed to effortlessly pass the aptitude training device and decides to personally teach him how to use the vertical maneuvering equipment.[33] He goes to the defense of Carlo when Xavi mocks the younger Pikale about how many of the recruits began withdrawing after observing Titans during the earlier trip to Wall Maria.[34] After Xavi takes his leave, Jorge asks Kuklo and Cardina what their thoughts are and agree with the assertion that many of the recruits are still expressing signs of fear and hesitation. After it is revealed that Rosa's equipment was sabotaged, Jorge gives an alibi clearing Xavi from any involvement.[35] Soon after, it is revealed to have been the work of several general recruits done in an act of jealousy; Jorge then passes this on to Carlo and the other heads of the program and apologizes for not recognizing it sooner.[36]

Survival Expedition arc

After the end of the three month training period, Jorge takes all the new members of the Survey Corps to Shiganshina District in preparation of the expedition. Traveling to the top of Wall Maria, Jorge notes that the terrain has been affected by the recent rainstorm and will hamper their efforts outside the Wall.[37] He proposes that Carlo delay the expedition until the weather becomes more favorable, but these pleas fall on deaf ears and Carlo decides to start the expedition in two days.[38]

Jorge reveals the Survey Corps map out the area they travel through

As Carlo begins the expedition that will determine the fate of the Survey Corps, Jorge goes to the top of the Wall and sees them off with Sharle, Angel and Maria. Jorge mentions that the expedition has two primary goals; not only will it test the vertical maneuvering equipment against the Titans, they will also be mapping out the area for future exploration in the ultimate goal of discovering where the Titans originate from.[39] He notices Sharle's shock upon hearing that the Corps have only managed to chart ten kilometers beyond the Wall, merely stating his hope that the soldiers who died to get those ten kilometers did not die in vain.[40]


  • Carlo Pikale - Jorge has a typical father/son relationship with Carlo. He is proud of his son's achievements and bravery in following him in joining the Survey Corps, but can get exasperated when Carlo occasionally refers to him as an old man.
  • Heath Mansel - Heath was part of Jorge's first entrance class and as the first to make squad leader, Jorge greatly valued Heath's skill. Jorge was greatly saddened to hear of his death, reflecting years later that Heath was a brave and daring soldier.[41]
  • Sorum Humé - Jorge saw Sorum as an excellent soldier and was saddened to hear of his death during the last expedition outside the Walls. Many years later, Jorge mentions that he valued how Sorum was always able to keep other members of his squad at ease, especially Carlo.[42]
  • Cardina Baumeister - Jorge was once Cardina's instructor and saw much potential in the teen, even believing that he would be an excellent member of the Military Police. Despite not being as skilled with using the device as Kuko, Jorge is impressed with Cardina's memory and trusts him to help design a new training course for new recruits on how to use the device.
  • Jentsch Dafner - Jorge is on good terms with Jentsch and appreciates the fact that he is one of the more honorable members of the Military Police. In return, Jentsch respects Jorge's many accomplishments and allows him greater freedom and access within the Industrial City.
  • Xenophon Harkimo - Xenophon is a good friend of Jorge and the two trust each other without question.
  • Kuklo - Jorge first met Kuklo when he was saved from a death sentence by the Military Police. Over the next several months, the teen has continued to impress Jorge, giving him the hope for a new generation of Military recruits and greatly values Kuklo's opinion. He would later entrust Kuklo with helping to train the new batch of possible Survey Corps recruits with Angel's new device.


  • It is revealed that, after Angel disappeared, Jorge accepted the credit for killing the Titan that Angel killed (despite his disgust in doing so) in order to secure more funds for the Survey Corps.


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