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This article is about the 117th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime episode of the same name, see Judgment (Episode).

Quote1.png Eren...enough already. You've lost. Everyone's suffered enough. You've suffered enough. ...Why struggle like this? What are you still fighting for? What's the point...? Eren...I just want this to be over. How'd I ever think we were anything alike? Enough...already. Just...sleep. Quote2.png
— Reiner Braun's resolution to end the conflict

Judgment (断罪 Danzai?, lit. "Conviction") is the 3rd chapter of the 29th volume and the 117th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


The Marleyan military's air force invades Paradis, while Eren Yeager continues battling Porco Galliard, who is soon joined by Reiner Braun in his Armored Titan form. Pieck Finger and Gabi Braun reunite with General Theo Magath and Colt Grice, and inform them of Falco Grice's whereabouts and their belief that Zeke Yeager may be of royal blood, concluding that they must not allow him to come into contact with Eren to prevent the latter from activating the Founding Titan's powers.

Reiner and Galliard have a hard time subduing Eren, who manages to keep them at bay using the War Hammer Titan's abilities. Eventually, the tide turns with Pieck and Magath coming to their aid with the Cart Titan's artillery. Just after Reiner unsuccessfully attempts to bite Eren's nape, he is struck by debris from the Wall thrown by Zeke's Beast Titan, who tells Eren to leave the rest in his hands.


The prisoners notice the fighting has begun

Inside the prison where the Survey Corps and other military prisoners are being held, the walls begin to rattle and Armin Arlert remarks that the Titans have started to move.

Above Shiganshina District, Marleyan soldiers parachute down from their airships along with their equipment. Pieck calls out to Galliard to break the chain holding her to Gabi and he complies by severing her wrist from her arm before turning his attention back to Eren. No longer shackled to Gabi, Pieck throws herself off the roof to give herself the room she needs to transform. As Eren and Galliard fight, Pieck carries Gabi away inside the mouth of the Cart Titan.

Eren is caught off guard by the Marleyan surprise attack and Yelena yells for him to leave his Titan so he can hide indoors and use the War Hammer Titan's power to escape underground. However, realizing that this attack has to be the work of Reiner, he ignores Yelena and jumps over the side of the building to walk out into the streets of town. She orders the Yeagerists with her to mobilize and protect Eren.

Reiner and Eren face off

Reiner parachutes down from above, his hand bleeding, and transforms into the Armored Titan. He faces off with Eren and the two begin fighting.

Spotting Magath, Pieck brings Gabi over to him, where he embraces and then reprimands her for entering enemy territory without permission. Colt is with Magath and asks Gabi about his brother, Falco. Gabi informs him that Falco accidentally drank Zeke's spinal fluid and is currently locked up. Pieck provides additional information regarding the number of detained Eldian soldiers who also drank the spinal fluid, and that Zeke appears to not be around. She suspects that Eren cannot use the Founding Titan's power at the moment, otherwise he would have already done so.

This causes Gabi to remember the conversation between Zeke and Eren on the airship as they were coming back from Liberio; how they now had both the Founding Titan and a Titan of royal blood. Colt and Magath begin to realize that Zeke could possibly be of royal blood, and Pieck agrees that it could be true, given his unique powers, so they cannot let Zeke and Eren come into contact.

Magath boards the Cart Titan

As Gabi worries over Reiner fighting Eren, Magath tells her not to worry. They will eat the Founding Titan and end the hundred years of resentment between the Eldians and the rest of the world. He climbs onto the Cart Titan's back, which is now carrying a large artillery cannon that Pieck had put on while they were talking.

Eren and Reiner continue fighting, but even though Eren shatters much of Reiner's armor, the Armored Titan does not stop. Galliard attacks Eren from behind and Reiner grabs him from the front, but Eren uses the power of the War Hammer Titan to impale them both on hardened spikes. The Yeagerists move in with Thunder Spears to finish off the Armored and the Jaw Titans, but before they can fire, a large shell pierces the head of Eren's Titan.

On top of Wall Maria, Magath calls for another shot to be loaded into the artillery cannon on Pieck's back. His artillery shell ruined the brain of Eren's Titan and compromised his abilities, giving Reiner and Galliard time to break free. Meanwhile, the Marleyan military provides cover fire in the form of soldiers on the ground and guns in the airships above. The Anti-Marleyan Volunteers are shocked that this operation could have been put together in less than a month, given that the Marleyan heads of the military should have been killed.

Zeke joins the fight

Magath fires another shell at Eren, forcing him to keep using his power, knowing that the War Hammer's stamina can be quickly exhausted. This gives Reiner a chance to get close and he thinks about how all of them have suffered. No matter how much they struggle, they will inevitably die in a few years regardless of what happens. Galliard lunges at Eren, and when Eren hurls him away, Reiner finally pins Eren down and prepares to bite open the nape of his Titan.

However, Eren refuses to give up, and screams as he tears the Armored Titan's head from its jaw. Reiner falls back as a large boulder shatters against his Titan's body. Zeke has arrived, already transformed into the Beast Titan. He tells Eren that he did a good job holding out, but now it is time to leave the rest to him.

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