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Jurgen (ユルゲン Yurugen?) was a member of the Scout Regiment and a participant of the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission.[1]


Jurgen was a man of average height, he had long brown hair which he kept tied back with a green hair tie and bangs cut across his forehead. His eyes were gray, and he wore the typical uniform of the Scout Regiment.


Jurgen was a reckless man, who disobeyed his superiors and put his entire brigade in danger just to retrieve a body. This recklessness would prove to be the end of him. When his friend Ivan was killed, he showed more composure than his friend Dieter; but he still chose to disobey his superiors to retrieve his body. In his final moments, he expressed great fear and regret on his face as he was killed without even completing the task he had set out to do.


The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc

Jurgen and Dieter urge Commander Erwin Smith for permission to return to the Forest of Giant Trees to recover the body of their fallen comrade, Ivan.

Jurgen's death

Unable to handle the higher-ups' decision to leave behind their fallen comrades' bodies, Jurgen and Dieter act on their own accord and retrieve Ivan's body alone. Unfortunately, a swarm of Titans chases after them on their way back, one of which grabs Jurgen off his horse and eats him.[1]