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Quote1.png For the Global Allied Fleet to move to suppress Paradis... they'll have to gather first in the naval port of Karifa. [. . .] A nation that loses its warships will be driven to financial collapse. It'll be more than enough, as long as we can hit every major nation. Quote2.png
— Yelena ascertains Karifa's value as a target to Eren Yeager[1]

Karifa (カリファ Karifa?)[2] was a Marleyan naval port located on the continental mainland's northern coast.


War for Paradis arc

Upon arriving in Odiha, Yelena confesses to discussing a strategy with Eren Yeager to cripple Marley's military defenses with a partial rumbling in order to secure peace for Paradis Island for several decades to come. She had singled out Karifa as the likely gathering point for a Global Allied Fleet which would inevitably be summoned after Eren's planned raid on Liberio. Despite her guarantee of a temporary peace with a strike against Karifa, she had shown some concern regarding Fort Salta in southern Marley. With Eren leading a full-scale rumbling against the entire world, Yelena guesses that after destroying Karifa, he would target Fort Salta in order to completely rid Marley of any weapons against the Founding Titan.[3]


  • Unlike the majority of Marleyan location names which are based in Latin or Italian nomenclature, "Karifa" is simply the katakana for Africa (アフリカ Afurika?) reversed. This may refer to the Marleyan continental mainland being based on the real-world continent of Africa mirrored vertically.
  • If mirrored vertically, Karifa's location according to Yelena appears to correspond roughly with St Helena Bay in South Africa.[2]