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Quote1 I...want to grow up to be like my sister. [sic] Quote2
— Kaya[2]

Kaya (カヤ Kaya?) is a civilian living within Wall Rose. She was saved by Sasha Blouse from a Titan during the Wall Rose invasion,[3] and now lives with the Blouse family.[4]


Kaya is of average height with light hair. She is seen wearing a simple tunic.


Kaya is a calm and quiet person who does not often show emotions. She does not seem to bond easily with people, as the fact that she gets along with Gabi Braun and Falco Grice is noted by the other orphans living at the Blouse stables and regarded as a good thing.[4]

After being saved by her, Kaya wants to be like Sasha Blouse in which she tries to save people in need, no matter who they are. When she overhears Gabi and Falco admit they are from Marley, she helps cover up their secret identities and even tries to help them find a way back to Marley, despite them being from an enemy nation and Gabi having tried to kill her and accused her and her mother of being responsible for atrocities.[4]


Clash of the Titans arc

Kaya runs away

Kaya runs away from a Titan

When Titans appear in Wall Rose, the village does not receive warning. When a Titan attacks the village, Kaya and her mother are left behind, due to her mother having bad legs. As the Titan begins devouring her mother, Kaya is left in a state of shock, and is unable to flee. She is rescued when Sasha Blouse arrives at the village and leads her away. However, Sasha's horse flees without them, and so they are forced to flee the Titan on foot. Sasha has Kaya continue on alone so that she can stay and attempt to fend off the Titan.[5]

Kaya eventually runs into a group of survivors from another village, and directs them to Sasha so they can aid her.[6]

Marley arc

Kaya meets Gabi and Falco

Kaya meets Gabi and Falco

Following Sasha's death in the year 854, Kaya and Sasha's parents visit her grave to pay their respects.[7]

Later, while walking the Blouse family's dogs, Kaya overhears two children arguing[8] and goes to check on them. Assuming that they are hungry, Kaya invites them to her home to eat.[9]

After introducing them to the Blouses and eating,[10] the children begin doing chores around the farm. They take a break to eat lunch, and Kaya explains that all of the children on the farm are orphans, who are being supported by the queen as they have nowhere else to go. Gabi accuses them of trying to forget the sins that they committed against the world, and Kaya bemusedly asks if that is what she was taught in Marley. The two are shocked to learn that she knows their identities; Kaya mentions she overheard them arguing earlier, but claims she has no interest in turning them in.[11]

Kaya insists on her mother's innocence

Kaya insists on her mother's innocence

Kaya takes the two to the ruins of her village, and recounts the story of her mother's death at a Titan's hands. Kaya asks them to explain what her mother did to deserve the fate she got, and although Gabi claims that the Eldians have oppressed the world for thousands of years, Kaya repeatedly reminds her that her mother never left the island of Paradis her entire life. As Kaya begins to grow agitated at Gabi's repeated accusations, Falco interrupts and reveals that the invasion was a byproduct of Marley's infiltration of Paradis, and the deaths caused in the process were only incidental. Falco apologizes, but Kaya claims that he does not have to apologize for something his country did.[12]

Kaya tells Gabi and Falco of how she was rescued by Sasha, who put herself in danger so that Kaya could escape. Knowing that the Blouse family has been invited to dine at a restaurant where a Marleyan works, Kaya offers to take them as well to see if there is a way for them to return home. When asked why she would agree to help them, Kaya simply explains that she wants to be like Sasha.[13]

Kaya attempts to kill Gabi

Kaya attempts to kill Gabi

Mr. Blouse arrives with his family along with Falco and Gabi to the restaurant he was invited to. As Gabi starts to get nervous, Kaya assuages her fears by telling her that Niccolo is a Marleyan and that he can be trusted. Kaya enjoys the food and a while later, Falco feigns a stomach ache so he and Gabi could meet with Niccolo. Suddenly, Gabi is thrown back to the dining room by Niccolo. He reveals that Gabi is the one who killed Sasha, to the Blouses's shock, and hands Mr. Blouse a knife to kill Gabi. When he refuses and the knife is placed on the table, Kaya takes it and lunges at Gabi but is stopped by a Survey Corps soldier. Mr. Blouse and Lisa hold back a hysterical Kaya, as she cries into their shoulders.[14]

Later, when the Yeagerists arrive to the restaurant, Kaya and the rest of the Blouse family are taken captive alongside those present from the Corps.[15]


  • Sasha Blouse - Kaya was saved from a Titan by Sasha and took in by the Blouses after the destruction of her village and the death of her mother. Kaya looked up to Sasha, saying that her bravery is what inspired her to help Gabi and Falco despite them being enemies.[16] Her death affected her, as she was seen with the Blouse family mourning Sasha.
  • Gabi Braun and Falco Grice - Despite knowing all along that they are from Marley, Kaya took them to her home and spent some time with the two. She got close to them, spending her free time with them and confiding about her mother's death.[4] However, after learning Gabi was the one who killed Sasha, she became mad and tried to stab her.[17]

People killed

Failed attempts


  • "Kaya" is a common surname in Turkey and means "rock" in Turkish.
    • In Indonesian, "Kaya" means "rich." This is ironic, considering Kaya lives in a village and a rather small house.


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