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Kelly is a former Survey Corps soldier appearing in Live and Let Die, the fifth short story in the Attack on Titan Anthology.


Kelly has blonde hair and wears glasses. Her outfit consists of a blue shirt, a brown jacket and white trousers.


Kelly shows Taki her map

Kelly shows Taki her map of the outside world

Kelly and her group find a wounded Taki in the forest and take her underground with them. She is there when Taki wakes up and takes cares of her wounds before introducing herself and explaining where they are. Kelly then shows her a map of the outside world, saying she also found remains of the world before the Titans. She asks Taki if the Walls are still there, and the latter tells her that they are in Wall Maria and other information about its fall, which surprises Kelly.[1]

Hearing her cat hissing, Kelly tells the group that Titans are coming. They exit their lair and go to the surface where there is a horde of Titans. Kelly takes Marcus' child with her and leaves. As Taki, who fights Titans, is about to fall, she throws a rope for her.[2]

After the death of Marcus, Kelly tearfully promises that the group will take care of his child. When Taki decides to go back to the Walls, Kelly shows her the way and gives her the map.[3]