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Kemper Boltz (ケンパー・ボルツ Kenpā Borutsu?) was a man residing in Stohess District. He was the boyfriend of Carly Stratmann in the OVA Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One.


Kemper was a young man of thin frame with unkempt brown hair and a thin goatee.


Kemper was a greedy man and used a variety of immoral tactics in order to gain money.


Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One

At some point in time, Kemper becomes Carly Stratmann's lover. When Carly starts producing an illegal drug known as coderoin, Kemper becomes involved as a drug dealer and hides the drug under his bed. Using a license for a hired carriage, he is able to transport the drug into the royal capital if he hides the drug in the cargo.

Kemper is spotted outside Elliot's house

When Carly decides she wants to run away, he lets her live with him for several days and agrees to leave town with her. However, Kemper is not interested in living with Carly in poverty. Two thugs, Wald and Lou find Kemper while they are looking for Carly. Kemper makes a deal with them to hold Carly for ransom. He plans on blackmailing Carly's father, Elliot G. Stratmann using Carly's involvement in the drug trade. The two thugs agree and lock Carly up at Wald's office. They then meet with Elliot and negotiate a handoff date.

In the days leading up to the handoff, Kemper keeps an eye on the Stratmann estate. One day he notices a Military Police officer, Annie Leonhart, visit the estate. Kemper becomes worried that if the Military Police investigate Elliot that he will be found out so he leaves a note for Elliot outside his door, telling Elliot to bring money to Kemper's house in exchange for his daughter back. Kemper then jumps over the gates of the estate and is spotted by Annie.

Kemper's body is found

Elliot goes to Kemper's apartment and the two have some drinks while they talk. Elliot determines that Kemper has no intention of returning Carly and only wishes to get Elliot drunk and steal his money. Elliot kills Kemper and hides his corpse underneath Kemper's bed. Later, during the day, Annie searches Kemper's apartment and discovers his corpse.


Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part Two

Later, during the night, Annie confronts Elliot about Kemper's death. After Elliot admits to Kemper's murder, Annie and Elliot take Kemper's corpse to a liquid waste storage facility and dispose of it in a vat of sludge.