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Kenny's grandfather (ケニーの祖父 Kenī no sofu?)[1] was the grandfather of Kenny and Kuchel Ackerman and the great-grandfather of Levi Ackerman. He was one of the few living remnants of the Ackerman bloodline with knowledge about the reasons for the persecution of his clan.


He was a sickly and frail old man, with limp, light-colored, neck length hair. He had weary eyes, a pointed nose, and a mustache that formed into a beard. Due to his health, he wore loose fitting clothes and appeared unable to leave his bed.


In an attempt to protect current and future members of the Ackerman clan, he intended to die without ever telling anyone the secrets of the Ackerman bloodline's previous life by the King's side.[2]


Kenny spoke with his grandfather about why the Ackermans were hated

On his deathbed, he was visited by his grandson Kenny, who had just finished killing meddling MPs. Baffled at the state the Ackerman clan was in, Kenny questioned his grandfather about what could have caused the royal government to hate them so much. The old man started off by clarifying that the royal government did not hate the Ackermans, but feared them due to the King's inability to control them.

Kenny's grandfather told him that the Ackermans were not hated, but feared

When Kenny became confused, his grandfather flatly stated that the monarchy possessed a power that allowed them to control the population, which a few select bloodlines including the Ackerman clan were immune to. The Ackermans, along with the Asian clan rebelled against the king's ideals, which is what led to their persecution.

Kenny also revealed that he had found his sister Kuchel working in a brothel. His grandfather was disinterested to learn that she had been impregnated by one of her clients, and intended to keep the child.[3]


  • Kenny Ackerman - Kenny was his grandson and their relationship was complicated. Although he seemed to love Kenny, he also rejected what he had been doing with the Military Police, saying how he was the monster of the capital.[4] However, he also trusted Kenny as far as to revealing him the secrets of the persecution of the Ackermans.[5]
  • Kuchel Ackerman - As his granddaughter, it is supposed that he loved her and worried about her. During his last meet with Kenny, the boy told him the situation of Kuchel, being afraid of that could hurt him.[6] However, the latter did not have any reaction after hearing the news.