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Kenny has long hair and a short scruffy beard with wrinkles and prominent cheekbones. He is most often seen wearing a bowler hat, a long-sleeved shirt underneath a black vest, and dark pants and shoes.


Kenny has a blunt and somewhat aggressive personality. He frequently orders his students and subordinates from the 2nd District of Attack Junior High and resorts to chastisement when their accomplished duties do not meet his lofty expectations. He is also dishonest and unjust, as he had done anything in his power to keep Titan Junior High from winning the Wall Beautification Contest by flouting the rules.


At some point in the past, Kenny became the teacher in charge of the Attack Junior High 2nd District team. Having enjoyed several victories over the Titan Junior High Wall Beautification Club, he expects another victory this year and taunts the Club by dirtying part of the Wall.[1] In addition, he has several of his students sabotage the cleaning equipment to further try to demoralize the Club into quitting the contest.[2]

Kenny is disappointed the subordinates he sent got scared off by another student who was not part of the Club, but is pleased to hear that they were able to injure the Wall Beautification Club's ace member Mikasa. He nonetheless fires the subordinates and tasks Isabel and Furlan to replace them; his student leader Traute mentions how the student that scared them off was the one who trained both Isabel and Furlan.[3]


  • Traute Caven - While Kenny does not view many of his students or subordinates highly, it appears that the lone exception is Traute. He often listens to what she has to say and places more trust in her.
  • Rico Brzenska - As part of Titan Junior High's Wall Beautification Club, Kenny has a strong dislike of her and all her fellow students.