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The kidnappers were a trio of human traffickers[1] who killed Mr. Ackerman and Mrs. Ackerman before kidnapping their daughter, Mikasa Ackerman.[2]


The appearances of each kidnapper varied. The leader was a stout man with a short beard and wore a wool cap. The axe-wielding kidnapper appeared to be older, and was taller and slimmer, with short-cut light hair and a thin mustache. The third kidnapper appeared to be the youngest, was well-dressed and clean-shaven with short and spiky black hair.


Lost in the Cruel World arc

In Mikasa Ackerman's dream, the kidnappers have been camping in the woods and at some point ended up being attacked and killed by a group of wild dogs. Their ravaged bodies are later found by Mikasa and Eren Yeager while they are exploring the woods.[3]