Kitz Woermann (キッツ・ヴェールマン Kittsu Vēruman?) is a teacher at Attack Junior High School.


Kitz has brown hair and full-on beard connected to his sideburns, along with a thick mustache, and brown eyes. He wears a dark green suit with a blue neck tie.


Kitz appears to be tense, and a stern teacher who does not tolerate transgressions. He is also quick to remind students of the school rules.


Following the election for a new student council president, Kitz is present for the candidates' final speeches.[1]

After Titans appear and steal all of the festival food stands,[2] Eren Jaeger tries to head to their building to retrieve his cheeseburgers, but the teachers stand in his way. When Eren attempts to argue, Kitz yells at him, stating that anyone who rebels against the school rules will be expelled. Kitz later attends a meeting with other teachers to discuss the situation subsequent to Eren's successful attempt against the principal.[3]



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