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Kotatsu is Peace (こたつ is PEACE Kotatsu is PEACE?) is the 6th and final chapter of the 7th volume and the 52nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Armin brings his kotatsu to school one day; the kotatsu is quickly found to reportedly bring peace and resolve any conflict or issue between students. It is put to the ultimate test with the continued rivalry between students Annie Leonhart and Mikasa; will it be able to put an end to this rivalry?


Eren and Mikasa gets along again

Oluo and Petra makes peace while Armin sleeps

Armin is at school, having brought his large kotatsu with him and is huddled up within it. Eren and Mikasa begin to mention how it remains weird and begin arguing over who is at fault for Armin continuing to bring blankets with him. However, once they both try crawling inside it, they immediately apologize for their earlier outbursts. After several more incidents where students approach the kotatsu having arguments and their differences get resolved, rumors spread throughout the school over it having mystical powers and the ability to reconcile the most grievous of differences.

Eren and Armin sleeps under the kotatsu

Eventually, things come to a head between Mikasa and Annie over their rivalry and jealousy towards Eren. When it is suggested they both approach the kotatsu to mend their issues, Annie belittles it as a pointless exercise; however, Marco persuades them both to go inside the room where Armin and the kotatsu are located. Having heard Eren was inside using it, Mikasa is disappointed to see he is not present and resolves to find him before Annie does. Just then, they notice Eren and Armin together and wistfully commenting how they could stay like this forever. Both Mikasa and Annie join forces and furiously take apart the kotatsu as both Eren and Armin bemoan its destruction.

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