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Krista's Cookies (クリスタのクッキー Kurisuta no kukkī?) is the 15th chapter of the 1st volume and the 15th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Krista asks Ymir to help her bake cookies, but she does not know where to begin. However, due to Krista's personality, she quickly amasses a crew of volunteers to buy ingredients for her and Ymir reluctantly ends up baking the entire batch. The 104th Training Corps then enjoys Krista's cookies without knowing who really baked them.


Krista convinces the boys to go shopping

Krista asks Ymir to help her bake cookies and Ymir reluctantly agrees, only to discover that Krista has no idea where to begin. They manage to get a hold of a recipe book and the boys of the 104th Training Corps show up, hearing that Krista will be making cookies. Overjoyed by their timing, Krista convinces them to go shopping for ingredients for her. They agree in exchange for some of her cookies.

Once they have all the ingredients, Ymir tells Krista to start making the cookies. It quickly becomes apparent that Krista is a clumsy baker who cannot even sift flour correctly. Frustrated, Ymir takes over for her. She both cracks eggs and mixes the ingredients because Krista cannot. Disappointed in herself, Ymir suddenly realizes that she is an enabler. Oblivious, Krista declares that making cookies is easy.

Krista pumps the cookies full of love

Just before Ymir puts the cookies in the oven, Krista asks her to wait and she waves her hands at the unbaked cookies to pump them full of her love. Overwhelmed, Ymir hugs her and says Krista has done more than enough.

Later, the members of the 104th Training Corps enjoy Krista's cookies because they taste so good. Hannah asks her what her secret is, and Krista laughs it off, saying that it is lots of love. Far away from everyone else, Ymir knows the real reason is Krista getting her to make them.

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