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This article is about the fifty-second chapter of the manga. For the character, see Historia Reiss.

Quote1.png Your Krista Lenz. Quote2.png
— Rod Reiss gives his daughter a new name

Krista Lenz (クリスタ・レンズ Kurisuta Renzu?) is the 2nd chapter of the 13th volume and the 52nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Shortly after the new Squad Levi is formed, they discuss the plan to repair Wall Maria. The conversation deviates when Levi notes a strangeness in Hange's behavior. Hange reveals that earlier that morning, Minister Nick was found dead. They found his body guarded by Military Policemen led by a man named Djel Sannes, whom Hange suspects was responsible for the murder. With this news, Squad Levi discusses what they perceive to be a conspiracy against the Survey Corps, and decide that they must continue their efforts, taking down any who oppose them.

Later, the recruits of Squad Levi discuss recent events. Eren notes a significant change in Historia's behavior that started the first day of their relocation. He recalls that at that time, she revealed her past to her new squad.

Historia was raised on a farm owned by the Reiss family, a noble family in Wall Sheena. She greatly admired her mother, despite being largely neglected by her and others in her household. However, a few nights after the fall of Wall Maria, she was visited by her true father: Rod Reiss, the head of the Reiss family. She and her mother were to be taken away to live with the Reiss nobles, but they were soon surrounded by men in black trenchcoats. Their leader asked if Historia and her mother were related to Rod, to which he replied that they were not. With that, the leader killed Historia's mother and was ready to kill Historia when Rod called him off. In that moment, Rod gave his daughter the alias "Krista Lenz." She would be sent to live on a settlement for two years until she would join the 104th Training Corps, where she met her new friends.


A short while after the new Squad Levi formed, the squad is reunited with Levi. Together they discuss their plan to use Eren's Titan powers to seal the breach in Wall Maria. Armin goes on to explain in detail the efficiency of the plan, but notes that it may be little more than a "pie in the sky" dream. Hange agrees that the plan is very efficient, but pleads with the squad to have Eren lay low for the time being. Levi notes Hange's strange and uncomfortable behavior, and Hange explains that earlier that morning, Minister Nick was found dead in the barracks of Trost District. Hange and their assistant Moblit Berner had hid him in the barracks, and once they are notified of his death, they decide to investigate.

Hange finds Minister Nick's corpse

Earlier that morning, the two were stopped by Military Police Brigade members from the Interior. Their leader, Djel Sannes, tells them that a robber had entered Nick's place and killed him, but Hange notices signs of torture on the Minister's body, opting to interrogate the guards. Once Hange concludes that they were the ones who tortured Nick, they and Moblit leave the scene. After hearing this story, Levi agrees that they not only have enemies outside the Walls, but inside as well. After discussing what their next move should be, they concur that they should take the route that Erwin himself would: advance with the plan to retake Wall Maria, and take down whoever stands in their way.

Historia's mother rejects her

Some hours later, as Connie and Eren discuss their current situation, Eren remembers when Historia told them about her upbringing. Being a lonely child, she worked in the farm in Wall Sheena where she was born, on a plot of land owned by the noble Reiss family.

Her mother would not talk to her and her grandparents only would when they taught her chores. Other kids would throw rocks at her, and she knew that she could never leave the farm. Due to neglect and her isolation from other children, Historia felt lonely.

Historia meets her father

After learning how to read, she understood how mothers took care of their children, and she wanted to know how her mother would react if she attempted to embrace her. As a result, her mother violently slapped her away, saying to herself, "If only I had the courage to kill this girl...".

Afterward, a few nights after the fall of Wall Maria, Historia was introduced to her father: Rod Reiss, the head of the Reiss family and the man who owned the land she lived on. He wanted Historia and her mother to live with him, but as they attempted to leave, they were surrounded by a horde of men in black trenchcoats.

Their leader demanded to know if Rod Reiss had any relationship to Historia and her mother. He denied it, and the leader slit the throat of Historia's mother, who in her last moments wished out loud that her daughter had never been born. Before the leader of the men could kill Historia as well, Rod Reiss called him off, proposing that she change her name to "Krista Lenz" and live in hiding. She lived on a settlement for two years until the time came for her to enroll in the 104th Training Corps, where she would meet all her friends.

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