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Kubal (クバル Kubaru?) was the director of the Military Police Regiment in the live-action films Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1 and Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2. He was portrayed by Jun Kunimura.


Kubal was a middle-aged man that had white hair and a square jaw. As the commander of the Military Police Regiment, he wore black military police attire.


Kubal was a cruel man who stopped at nothing to achieve his goals. He did not value the safety of his men and, in retrospect, tried to kill those in his way, such as Eren and Mikasa.


Kubal was seen giving orders to the new recruits, displaying some level of authority.[citation needed]

It was also revealed that Kubal was in fact, another human with the power of the Titans, his Titan form being none other than the Colossal Titan.


At some unknown point in his life, Kubal acquired the powers of the Colossal Titan. He also presumably joined in the military as a recruit and graduated, eventually becoming the head of the Military Police Regiment as an adult.


Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1

For unknown reasons, he appears as the Colossal Titan and kicks through the Wall near Monzen, allowing Titans to swarm in. Before the Garrison Regiment can react, his Titan form disappears in a burst of steam. The attack, and the resulting massacre caused by the invading Titans, forced humans to abandon their agricultural areas and resulted in a food shortage soon after.

Kubal introduces Hans to a group of new recruits

Two years later, Kubal is seen addressing a group of recruits that joined the newly created Scout Regiment. He notifies them that their task is to reclaim the areas lost to Titans. He presents Hans, who demonstrates the mobility gear that will be used to fight the Titans.

Kubal decides to accompany the Scout Regiment and travels with them to Monzen District. While en route, Titans are drawn to their convoy, and Kubal orders his subordinates to leave the recruits behind.

Arriving in Omotemachi, Kubal meets with Shikishima and praises him for tirelessly defending the explosives stashed in the city. Shikishima claims that he tried to inspect them himself, but was unable to find them; Kubal informs him that the explosives were hidden because of rumors of an insurgency inside the military. He punctuates his point by revealing a secret hatch that leads to the room where the explosives are stashed.

Later, Kubal notices Sasha and Armin discussing machines. He interjects and asks Armin if he knows what humanity's technological advancements led to. After getting a satisfactory answer, Kubal dismisses them to get some rest, but crushes the apple Sasha dropped.

Titans begin attacking the city at daybreak, and Kubal and his forces focus their efforts on protecting the explosives. During the chaos, the truck with the explosives is hijacked and driven into a horde of the Titans, causing the explosives to detonate. With nothing left to defend, Kubal orders his forces to retreat, leaving the rest of the soldiers stranded.

Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2

Kubal prepares to kill Eren

Kubal eventually learns that one of the recruits, Eren, was revealed to be able to transform into a Titan just like himself. Taking an interest in him and seeing the teen as a possible threat, Kubal has Eren captured and restrained in a cell, proclaiming that he is the first man ever captured who can transform into a Titan. He begins to place blame on Eren for the Titans ravaging the area and brushes aside claims that Eren is a 'good-natured Titan' due to him fighting against Titans with the rest of the Scout Regiment. When Souda begins to speak on Eren's behalf and mentions that Kubal had killed Eren's parents, Kubal derides him as a drunk and shoots him dead. Just then, an armored Titan breaks in to free Eren, and Kubal is crushed under the debris from its entrance.

After recovering from his injuries, Kubal proceeds on foot to Monzen. He comes upon the aftermath of an engagement between the scouts and Shikishima's forces, and takes a firearm from one of the corpses.

Kubal is shot in the neck three times by Sasha

Kubal reaches the top of the outer Wall while the Scout Regiment returns to seal the hole caused by him two years ago. He watches both Eren and Shikishima attack each other in their Titan forms and then claps after seeing Eren emerge victorious. He offers all the surviving soldiers a place in the Interior if they hand over Eren. They refuse, and Kubal shoots Armin in the leg as a warning, causing Sasha to shoot several arrows into his neck. Kubal falls over the side and subsequently transforms into the Colossal Titan.

As several Scout Regiment soldiers move to cut out his nape, Kubal swats them away and kills Jean. As he tries to grab Eren, Hans launches an RPG that hits Kubal in the face, briefing stunning him. Eren is able to cut through the nape but Kubal is finally able to grab him. Laughing, he tries to crush Eren but Shikishima suddenly arrives and jams the remaining bomb into his mouth. Shikishima then activates it, causing it to explode and killing Kubal.

People Killed

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  • The Colossal Titan's height is stated to be 394 feet in the movies

    Kubal was the director of the Military Police Brigade in the live-action movies; whereas in the original series, that position belongs to Nile Dawk, who does not exist in this continuity.
  • He was also revealed to be the true identity behind the Colossal Titan, replacing Bertholdt Hoover, who is not portrayed in the live-action movies either. Also, his Titan form was 120 m tall, twice as big as the Colossal Titan from the original series and more in the likes of Rod Reiss's Titan form. However, in the movie novelization, Kubal's Titan form is said to be 60 yards tall, much closer to the height of Bertholdt's 60 m Titan form in the original manga.
  • Due to his attempts to get Eren executed for considering him a threat to humanity, he also effectively replaced Garrison Captain Kitz Woermann (though in Kubal's case, it was just a facade).


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