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Kuchel Ackermann (クシェル・アッカーマン Kusheru Akkāman?)[1] was the younger sister of Kenny Ackermann and the mother of Levi Ackermann. She worked as a prostitute in the Underground.[1]


Kuchel was a slim woman with light-colored eyes, and long dark hair that reached her back. Her facial features resembled those of Levi.


Little is known about her personality; however, she seemed to be a loving mother to Levi. So much so, that despite her brother's objections, and despite the fact that one of her clients was the father of Levi, she tried to raise her son on her own. She was shown shedding tears and smiling while hugging her newborn son.[1]


Kuchel worked as a prostitute in the Underground and was impregnated by one of her clients. She decided to keep the child, despite her brother's advice.[2]

Kenny finds his sister Kuchel

Kenny discovered Kuchel's corpse

She later gave birth to Levi and raised him. Eventually she became ill and died before seeing her brother again.[1]

After finding her dead, Kenny found Levi who was also on the verge of death. Kenny decided to take him and taught Levi everything he knew. Kenny would abandon him after some time, when he believed that the child was ready enough to avoid a death like his mother's. Their true relationship and the reasons for his abandonment remained unknown to Levi until many years later, when a dying Kenny revealed the truth to him.[1]


  • Levi Ackermann - Her only son, Kuchel decided to have him despite her brother's advice not to do so. She raised him alone in the brothel for some years, until she got sick and died when Levi was just a little boy. She seemed to be a loving mother to him, as Levi was visibly affected when she died.[2][1]
  • Kenny Ackermann - Despite being siblings, they were not close. They were separated for some time until Kenny found her in the Underground City. Already pregnant, he advised her not to have the child, but she did not listen to him. Kenny did not visit her again until some years later, after becoming Uri's bodyguard. After being informed that Kuchel was dead, Kenny raised Levi on Kuchel's behalf, but only until the child was capable enough to fend for himself. Because he felt that he was unfit to be Levi's parent, he kept their true relationship secret until moments before his own death.[2][1]
  • Unnamed grandfather - They were never seen interacting since, when Kenny found Kuchel, their grandfather was already on his deathbed. Though Kenny believed the news about him finding Kuchel was not appropriate to tell his grandfather in his last moments, the latter did not really express any emotion after hearing the news.[2]


  • Kuchel's pseudonym, Olympia, is likely a reference to the French Impressionist Édouard Manet's famous oil painting, Olympia ​​​​​​(1863), which depicts a female courtesan.[3]