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Kuklo (キュクロ Kyukuro?) is a student at Attack Junior High School.


Kuklo has large eyes, dark hair, and scars on his face. He wears a shabby light sleeveless shirt and ragged dark pants.


Kuklo is a hobo and will eat everything that Sharle Inocencio brings him. He does care for his friends and will save them when trouble arises.


Sharle Inocencio and her brother, Xavi Inocencio arrive at their new school when suddenly, Sharle bumps into a Titan. As the Titan is reaching for Sharle, Kuklo intercepts them and tells Sharle to get back. Kuklo then slams the Titan down, saving Sharle, and she thanks him. Kuklo notices Sharle's bread and Sharle gives the food to Kuklo as a thank you gift. A concerned Xavi rushes over to Sharle and when Sharle does not believe her when Sharle tells him that Kuklo helped her. Thinking that Kuklo has his eyes on Sharle, Xavi punches Kuklo, knocking him to the ground. When Sharle asks Kuklo if he is alright, Kuklo said that the bread she gave him was good and that he had no energy to fight Xavi. Sharle tells Kuklo her name and asks him for his. When Kuklo tells Sharle his name and falls asleep on her lap, Sharle develops feelings for him.[1]

The school year continues with a late Sharle running into Titans every morning, forcing Kuklo to come to her rescue. One morning Kuklo refuses bread from Sharle and tells her that he wants an anpan sweet bean bun from the school store instead. As Kuklo is preparing to shove other students out of the way for the bun, an angry Xavi comes and threatens Kuklo for talking to Sharle again. Kuklo knocks Xavi out of the way using a tree, annoyed that his training was interrupted by Xavi. Sharle apologizes for her brother's behavior and offers to help Kuklo with his training by calling in some bakery chefs to help him memorize the flavors of baked goods. Kuklo then begins to devouring all the products he can get his hands on, causing the chefs to bake more goods until one chef runs out of ingredients. The chef gives Sharle an anpan sweet bean bun, and she throws it to Kuklo, who catches it and eats it. Kuklo practices buying a bun from Sharle before running off to the school store. When he gets to the school store, he is unable to purchase a bun because he has no money. The next day, Kuklo borrows some money and finally buys a bun from the store.[2]


  • Sharle Inocencio - Sharle develops feelings for Kuklo after he saves her from a Titan.
  • Xavi Inocencio - Xavi tends to look down on Kuklo because Kuklo is a hobo. He also thinks that Kuklo only has eyes for Sharle because of her maidenhood.
  • Cardina Baumeister -



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