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Labyrinth of the Demon's Womb (鬼胎の迷宮 Kitai no Meikyū?) is the 2nd chapter of the 14th volume and the 50th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


As the recruits continue to look at the Titans in fear, they witness the rapid healing abilities possessed by the Titans when the Garrison fire upon them with cannons. Kuklo and Cardina note that it seems more like the Titans regenerate any damaged areas and that a combined effort by both soldiers and the Garrison most likely would fail. After the recruits return to the training area, a good number of them start to withdraw their applications and by the time the next batch of vertical maneuvering equipment arrives, there are only 17 remaining.


Maria orders firing cannons at Titans

The trainees continue to look on in horror at the sight of Titans just below them. Carlo and Jorge thank Maria for accommodating them today and inform her of the Military Police's plan to disband the Survey Corps. Maria realizes that is a possible reason why their captain was summoned to the capital today and why they decided to show the trainees the threat posed by Titans so early on. As Maria laments Rosa's decision to join the Corps, Jorge reveals to her that Rosa felt her father's blood was calling her to join. Revealing that it is a training day for her troops as well, Maria then orders the Garrison troops manning the cannons to load and fire at the Titans. The trainees look on in shock at seeing the cannons doing little damage and that the Titans can regenerate from any blow. Kuklo and Cardina observe this and note that the cannons would not be usable with ground forces due to these factors. Rosa is shocked to see both of them maintain a calm and collected attitude and fears that the Titans' ability causes them to practically be immortal.

New sets of the equipment arrive

After the trainees return back to the training area, many begin to have doubts on joining the Corps. Felix reveals that two of the initial five who passed the aptitude test have withdrawn their applications. Kai asks both Ivo and Hugo what they thought about seeing Titans for the first time; Ivo admits that he thought about withdrawing the previous night as well, but was inspired by both Kuklo and Cardina's actions on top of the Wall. He resolves not to and Kai agrees that his resolve stays the same. They all notice Rosa suddenly stand up and start to leave, but she responds that she is fine. Felix follows her outside and tries to tell Rosa that she does not need to pretend that seeing Titans did not affect her. She curtly brushes his concerns aside and leaves.

The following day, the trainees begin more classes on Titan combat and how to use the vertical maneuvering equipment. However, more begin to withdraw and drop out of the course; by the time the next batch of equipment arrives to the training facility, the number of trainees have dropped to 17.

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