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Quote1.png Brother. You have fulfilled a Tybur. Quote2.png
— Lara commemorates her brother's legacy[2]

Lara Tybur (ラーラ・タイバー Rāra Taibā?) was an Eldian noble living in Marley and secretly the inheritor of the War Hammer Titan.[3]


Human form

Lara was a lady of regal appearance, standing relatively tall with dark eyes. Her hair was dark and slightly wavy, kept behind her head in a bun, and her facial features were small and gaunt. She wore a black and white dress with long, puffy sleeves and an embroidered white collar.

War Hammer Titan form

As the War Hammer Titan, Lara possessed a muscular and masculine body standing at a height comparable to the Attack Titan. The head of her Titan was covered by what appears to be a second layer of skin shaped like a cowl covering its ears and much of its face, with only its eyes, mouth, and jaw exposed through a segmented mesh of skin. Her Titan carried its massive signature war hammer of hardened Titan flesh standing at around twice the height of its body.


Very little can be seen of Lara's personality, but it can be inferred that she shared her brother's radical views regarding Paradis and Eldians as a whole. She participates in Willy's plan to use his own life and the lives of the people of Liberio to draw out and kill Eren Yeager, and is able to keep a cool head and remain focused on her mission even after her brother's death.


At some point within the past thirteen years, she inherited the power of the War Hammer Titan,[4] though her inheritance of this power was kept a closely guarded secret. Upon inheriting the memories of her predecessors, she shared her knowledge with her brother Willy Tybur, who was stunned by the revelations she had inherited.[5]


Marley arc

When the Tybur family arrives in Liberio following the Marley Mid-East War, Lara joins her family to take up residence within the headquarters.[6]

Lara transforms into the War Hammer Titan

Lara observes Willy's production from backstage during the night of the festival, where he shares the knowledge of the Great Titan War which he learned. Suddenly, the production comes to a halt when the Attack Titan bursts forth from the building behind the stage, killing Willy and starting a rampage. Lara survives the destruction of the stage and honors her brother for his work, starting her transformation into the War Hammer Titan. However, the Attack Titan turns to assault her before her transformation can complete, relentlessly beating her Titan with hardened fists. She manages to stop the barrage by using the power of her Titan to impale the Attack Titan on a massive pike of hardened Titan flesh while she regenerates her body.[7]

Mikasa ambushes Lara

Upon fully regenerating her Titan, Lara generates her Titan's signature war hammer to finish off the Attack Titan. It evades her first swing but is caught in a trap of spikes created by the War Hammer Titan. Without any desire to consume the Attack Titan to gain the stolen Founder, Lara decapitates the Attack Titan, exposing Eren Yeager within the nape. She asks Eren if he has any final words, but is caught in a surprise attack by Mikasa Ackerman, who fires eight explosive rods into the War Hammer's nape.[8] Despite the complete destruction of the War Hammer's nape, Lara is able to construct a crossbow, and fires a bolt towards the Attack Titan. The strike is barely dodged, and forces Eren to abandon his Titan's body. Lara engages Mikasa, who continues to barrage her Titan with Thunder Spears, though it has little effect.[9]

Eren locates Lara encased in a crystal

Meanwhile, after realizing that Lara's body's true location is behind and underneath the ruins of the stage, Eren transforms again and grabs the crystal encapsulating her body. Severing the cable of flesh connecting Lara to her Titan, the War Hammer Titan collapses. Eren goes to devour the crystal, though the attack of the Jaw and Cart Titans are able to distract Eren while a new cable is made, connecting to the ground. Eren is given only a few moments of realization before his Titan is impaled by numerous pikes, stemming from the War Hammer Titan's new body.[10]

Having spent all her energy in the last attack, Lara finds herself unable to pierce the Attack Titan's nape through its hardened forearm. Mikasa fires a Thunder Spear at her crystal, yet fails to even crack it. Later, the Attack Titan attempts to bite the crystal but is unsuccessful and breaks its teeth on the hardened surface. Declaring that the War Hammer is out of moves, Eren exits his Titan's nape and transforms again, picking up the crystal in his new Titan body.[11]

Eren devours Lara

Lara is seen observing several more failed attempts by the Survey Corps to use Thunder Spears to damage the crystal surrounding her. Her attention soon shifts to the battle between both the Attack and Jaw Titans; she is visibly surprised when one of the strikes from the Jaw Titan causes some damage to the crystal surrounding her. Seeing the damage, Eren disables the Jaw Titan and jams the crystal into its mouth. Applying pressure to the Jaw Titan's jaws, Eren is able to crush Lara's crystal and kill her, consuming her remains in order to gain the War Hammer Titan's power.[12]


Power of the Titans

Lara had the ability to transform into the War Hammer Titan (戦槌の巨人 Sentsui no Kyojin?).

  • Structural hardening: The signature ability of Lara's War Hammer Titan was the power to effortlessly generate massive spike-like structures out of hardened Titan flesh, ranging from ground spikes small enough to go unnoticed by other Titan opponents[13] or massive pikes large enough to impale the 15-meter Attack Titan far above the ground. This structural hardening also allowed for the War Hammer to create objects such as weapons, notably the signature war hammer for which her Titan is named. Much like the Female Titan, Lara could use this ability to encase herself in a crystalline barrier, though she retains consciousness in order to be able to control her Titan body.[14]
  • Regeneration: Like all others with the power of the Titans, Lara was able to regenerate any wounds received in battle. After receiving a devastating barrage of punches from the Attack Titan with no defensive measures, she was able to fully regenerate her Titan's missing flesh and limbs in a matter of minutes.[15]
  • Remote operation: While encased in crystal, Lara could create a body of a Titan to be remotely controlled from a distance, enabling her to regenerate her entire Titan body without sustaining any damage to her human form, as well as circumventing the typical weakness of the Titan's nape. The crystal and the Titan body were connected to her through a long cable of flesh. When this ability was utilized, she generated the body of the War Hammer Titan from the feet upwards rather than from the nape outwards.[16]

Her only weakness appeared to be low levels of stamina. She was able to fully transform only once, and then was able to manage a second (although partial) transformation during her battle against Eren and the Survey Corps before running out of energy.

People killed

Failed attempts


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