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Left for Dead (苟且の死者 Kōsho no Shisha?) is the 3rd and final chapter of the 4th volume and the 13th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Kuklo and Cardina Baumeister eventually manage to get atop Wall Maria dependent on the help of a soldier using a metal wire, albeit with much turmoil. The soldier reveals himself to be Jorge Pikale. By the next morning, Jorge, Kuklo, and Cardina travel by covered wagon. Cardina affirms that he has known Jorge from his days as a trainee. Also, Cardina also discloses that he acknowledged Kuklo's status as the "Titan's son" - this somewhat surprises Kuklo. Jorge informs them that he needs to return the device he used to save them. Kuklo learns more about the device and begins to show an interest in possibly learning how to use it.


Kuklo and Cardina are pulled up

Kuklo and Cardina Baumeister flee to Wall Maria as more Titans are thrown at them, but they find their path cut off when one of the Titans lands in front of them. Kuklo helps Cardina jump over the Titan's body, and proceeds to slash the eyes of another Titan approaching him. As the blinded Titan flails wildly, attacking the nearby Titans by mistake, Kuklo reaches the Wall, where Cardina reveals that the rope thrown to them is too thin for them to climb. Unsure of what to do, Cardina and Kuklo's confusion is halted by the figure atop the Wall, who orders them to grab the handle on the end of the wire while he pulls them up.

As Kuklo grabs the handle on the end of the wire, and Cardina holds onto Kuklo, they are suddenly yanked up the side of the Wall. As Kuklo watches the Titans on the ground, he is amazed by the speed at which he is being pulled, and begins to wonder if he is flying. Atop the Wall, as he and Cardina are catching their breath, Kuklo thanks the man for saving them. When Cardina asks how Kuklo how the two know each other, the man introduces himself as Jorge Pikale, the former commander of the Survey Corps, and instructor for the Military Training Corps.

Kuklo meets Jorge Pikale

As Kuklo and Cardina are transported by Jorge in a covered wagon, Kuklo silently marvels at meeting Jorge the Hero, who led the Survey Corps when they first defeated a Titan. Puzzled at why Jorge would save him, Kuklo asks if Jorge's son Carlo convinced him to help, and Jorge explains that he has taken an interest in Kuklo's abilities. Jorge reveals that, as he did not have the time to plead Kuklo's case, he waited for Kuklo's sentence to be carried out to act. Although Kuklo is outraged, Cardina understands, and he and Jorge explain that, since the punishment of exile is not officially known to the public, with no public sentences, anyone exiled is immediately considered dead, and will not be pursued.

Jorge apologizes, admitting that he did not have all of the information necessary, and that his rescue should not have been last-minute, but states that he is glad that he was able to save Cardina also as a result. Cardina panics, and nervously salutes Jorge as he thanks him, surprising Kuklo with the news that he once trained under Jorge. Cardina admits that, despite his parents' wishes for him to join the Military Police Brigade, he dropped out of the Trainees Corps, as he did not feel he was soldier material, though Jorge states that Cardina could have been among the Top 10 in his class. Cardina states that Kuklo would make a better soldier, and Jorge states that he and his son both agree. Cardina is impressed to see Kuklo earn praise from Jorge, stating that Kuklo really does seem like the son of a Titan. Kuklo is surprised to learn to Cardina knew his identity, and Cardina admits that he recognized Kuklo based on his fellow trainee Xavi Inocencio's bragging of cutting out the eye of the Titan's son.

Kuklo sees the device

Jorge informs them that Xavi has been getting excellent marks, and will likely join the Military Police. Kuklo is not surprised by this news, but wonders what will happen to Sharle once Xavi has taken over the Inocencio family. At the memory of Sharle, Kuklo hurriedly asks Jorge where they are going, and Jorge reveals that, as it would be dangerous for Kuklo to remain in Shiganshina District, he is taking them to an Industrial City within Wall Rose. Jorge assures Kuklo that Sharle is also in the Industrial City. Jorge informs Kuklo that, after agreeing to help free him, he had Sharle sent to stay with a friend of his in the City. He also reveals that he also needs to return the machine that he used to save them. When asked what the machine is, Jorge reveals that it is the device that was used fifteen years ago to successfully kill a Titan.

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