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Legend of the Snow Titan (And So On): All the Answers (雪巨人伝説(中略)解答編 Yuki Kyojin Densetsu (Chūryaku) Kaitō-hen?) is the 3rd chapter of the 7th volume and the 49th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Mikasa insists that the culprit is not her, but Armin and Krista have solid proof behind the accusation. Is Mikasa really the one behind everything or is the true culprit still hiding amongst them?


Mikasa becomes defensive at the accusation and asks why Armin would think it was her. After Connie and Reiner think of potential reasons, Armin reveals that when every incident occurred, Eren was never in any danger. When Jean tries to protest, both Armin and Krista bring up how Mikasa intimidated the latter into staying silent when Reiner passed out.

Mikasa runs off and the others immediately give chase. Armin yells for her to give up and they are shocked to see Mikasa, hearing a clock chime nearby, had run to wake up Eren who was still asleep. She then decides to tell the truth; in a nearby room, Mikasa leads the others to find someone rummaging through their backpacks. Turning the lights on, they are surprised to see Sasha, who Mikasa insists is the real culprit. While Sasha admits to trying to find food in Eren's bag, she claims that Mikasa is simply trying to have someone else take the fall for her; Mikasa glares at Sasha and threatens bodily harm to her, causing Sasha to break down completely.

In fear of getting beaten by Mikasa, Sasha admits her guilt as being the one all along. When they were out hiking, Sasha heard that Mikasa had brought along some meat for them to eat during the trip; after having curry with no traces of meat, Sasha became convinced that Mikasa brought the meat only for Eren to have and no one else. After seeing Jean knock himself out in the pantry and hearing Connie ramble about the Snow Titan, Sasha decided to use that as part of her cover and blackmailed Krista into tampering with the food served the time Reiner passed out. After apologizing and ready to accept punishment, Sasha is bewildered to see Mikasa offering her some of the meat; Sasha thanks her and promises to eat it all, only to get slapped by Mikasa.

A few days later, the snow subsides and the first year students are able to reunite with Hange and the upperclassmen.

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