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Let's Go to the Circus! (サーカスにおいでよ!! Sākasu ni Oideyo!!?) is the 23rd chapter of the 1st volume and the 23rd chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


The popular traveling circus from Ehrmich District is the talk of the town, as trainees and soldiers buy tickets to go witness the circus with their friends.


Petra reveals she is going to the circus with Captain Levi

Hannes asks Eren if he had heard about the popular traveling circus from Ehrmich, but Eren shows very little interest in it. Claiming to have his head full of Titans lately, Eren explains he had no time to waste on acrobats. Hannes remarks it was unfortunate, as he had four tickets and decides to take Armin and his friends to the circus, making Eren chase after him. Elsewhere, Oluo asks Petra to go to the circus with him, but she refuses his offer, as she had plans for inviting Captain Levi to go with her. On asking him out, Levi declines as well, claiming to have gone the previous day with Hange. Left with no choice, Petra and Oluo decide to take Eld and Gunther with them.

Hannes and Eren watch the trapeze artists in awe

Noticing tickets in Rico's hands, Mitabi offers to go get Ian for her, but Rico yells at him to mind his own business, as there was someone else she wanted to invite. Mitabi's face flushes, as he asks her if she was going to invite him, provoking a harsh disapproval from Rico. At the circus, Hannes and Eren watch the flying trapeze, with a childlike sense of wonder. Mikasa claims that the vertical maneuvering equipment could go much higher, while Armin explains how the clowns messed up the ball trick on purpose, to cover up for the other's mistake, making Eren wish he had come alone with Hannes.

Ian notices Rico not wearing glasses

Rico asks Ian if he wanted to go to the circus with her, who gladly accepts her offer. Noticing something different, Ian asks Rico why she was not wearing her glasses. Rico blushes and reveals that she was afraid of getting nervous on seeing his face, prompting Ian to chuckle. Jean and Marco marvel at the size of the lion in the circus, and Jean notices Eren and Mikasa a few rows ahead of them. Seeing Eren headbutt Mikasa, Jean is enraged, with tears in his eyes. Marco wonders if the show was so good, that it brought tears to his eyes.

Looking outside a window in a room, Erwin asks Levi if he wanted to see the circus everyone has been talking about. Levi nonchalantly replies that he had already been there and did not wish to go back any time soon. Erwin then requests Levi to escort him to a place, at afternoon on the following day. The next day, Erwin and Levi are at the circus and an unamused Levi accuses Erwin of abusing his authority, who encourages Levi to cheer up.

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