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Let Them Eat Popcorn (パンがなければポップコーンを食べればいいじゃない Pan ga nakere ba poppukōn o tabere ba ī ja nai?) is the 3rd side story of the 9th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Kuklo is disappointed that he cannot watch anime, so Sharle invites him over to her home. However, her brother Xavi does not approve and threatens to cut down her carbs if she ever brings Kuklo in. With Xavi’s intimidation, will the two ever find a way to watch anime together?


While out in a glade in Attack Junior High School, Kuklo is saddened when he realizes that he has no means of watching the anime adaptation of the Junior High manga because of his unfortunate living circumstances. Sharle, who listens to him lament, invites him over to the Inocencio residence where they can both watch the premiere on a giant television screen.

At home, Sharle struggles to program the television when her brother Xavi walks in. He asks her what she is doing to which she replies with a call for help in programming the television. She then admits that she plans to watch the anime with Kuklo, but her brother does not approve of her plans and threatens to reduce her breakfast ration from a quarter loaf to a one-fifth.

Back at the glade, Sharle tells Kuklo of the mishap and apologizes for the inconvenience. Kuklo reassures her that all is well, but Sharle pulls out her mobile phone to make a call. Kuklo is fascinated about the device's multiple functions. Afterward, Sharle reveals that she rented a movie theater only for her and Kuklo to use. They both watch the anime on the big screen as a slightly irked Xavi spies on them.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Mikasa Ackerman (book cover)
  2. Sasha Blouse (book cover)
  3. Colossus Titan (book cover)
  4. Jean Kirstein (book cover)
  5. Eren Yeager (book cover)
  6. Kuklo
  7. Sharle Inocencio
  8. Xavi Inocencio