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Levi's Unknown Encounter...?! is an extra chapter included in the Complete Color Edition of the Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga, written by Gun Snark and illustrated by Hikaru Suruga.


Furlan tells Isabel about his first encounter with Levi, much to her amusement as Levi passes by and hears them.


Furlan helps Levi

Furlan provides Levi with a rope to escape

Levi finds himself surrounded by a group of thugs, but is then unexpectedly helped by Furlan who passes him a rope and helps Levi up. Furlan reveals that it was a trap to test Levi's strength, when suddenly the rest of his thugs emerge from the dilapidated buildings. In the present time, Furlan sits at the table with Isabel and tells her this was what he had intended the plan to go as. Isabel mocks Furlan for his stupidity but he disregards her remarks.

Levi punches the thug

Levi beats Furlan's thugs

Furlan reveals that in reality Levi proceeds to beat up Furlan's group before he could provide him with help, while Furlan is stunned at Levi's strength. As a desperate last resort, Furlan warns Levi that the Military Police are coming and offers to help him up, but Levi rejects Furlan's offer and escapes by himself. Isabel tells Furlan that he was an idiot for trying to make Levi a member of his group and remarks that he could have lured Levi with a broom. Levi is then seen outside, eavesdropping on their conversation.

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