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Levi's Unknown Test is an extra chapter included in the Complete Color Edition of the Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga, written by Gun Snark and illustrated by Hikaru Suruga.


On Flagon's request, Commander Shadis shows military discipline to Levi, Isabel and Furlan.


Shadis tries to discipline Levi

Shadis hits Levi

Flagon and Erwin have a discussion about Levi, Isabel and Furlan, who lack discipline. Flagon's plan is to have Commander Shadis teach it to them.

Later on, Flagon witnesses Shadis meeting the three recruits. He scolds Isabel and Furlan for getting their military salute wrong. When it is Levi's turn, Shadis tries to intimidate him by head hitting him but it does not work. Shadis tries his special hit on Flagon to make sure it still works, which makes Isabel laugh. Acknowledging basic display of authority has no effect on Levi, Shadis decides that from now recruits with this profile would not require to go through the rite of passage.

Afterwards, Erwin meets a still wounded Flagon and observes he is not as tough as he claimed it.

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