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Levi (リヴァイ Rivai?) is a 3rd year Attack Junior High School student and a member of the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment. He is also the lead singer of the anonymous, yet well-known band called "No Name."


Vamping with the uninterested eyes and a clean undercut, Levi wears the standard Titan Junior High School uniform and is seen to be bearing a button that symbolizes the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment.


Levi is a cleaning freak who is easy to anger. While he may seem cold towards everyone, he is actually very nice. This is shown when he stole Armin's futon so he could fix the rip in it.[1]


Levi watches the chaotic first-year entrance ceremony from inside a classroom, mocking Eren with the "Chee-Burg Bastard" alias.[2]

Summoning Levi

Levi slaps Eren

Levi finds a stray Titan and knocks it down using his paper fans. There, he finds Eren and Mikasa and asks what the commotion is about. He has tea while waiting for Eren to speak up. Eren asks Levi which club at school he is in, but Levi avoids the question. Levi's attention is diverted to Mr. Arlelt wrongly cleaning a futon. He leaps up to the balcony Mr. Arlelt is on and forcefully shows him how to properly clean. A while later, Levi breaks into Armin's room and snatches his futon away to repair it, then runs off to school. Levi accidentally drops his wings of freedom button - a symbol of his rumored club. He is summoned by the noise of a plastic bottle being thrown into a paper waste bin. With Armin's futon in hand, he returns it, fixed. His apparent heroism surprises the juniors, who like the idea of being in the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment. To finish off the day, Levi admits them into the club.[1]

When Hange comes to ask him to pay her lunch because of her 93 score, Levi silences her by showing his own grade, 95. When he eventually finds out his friend is running out of money because she uses it to buy food for the two Titans she captured, Levi gives Hange a bag of dog food for them and asks her to repay him later.[3]

Levi defeats Eren's team

Levi defeats Eren's team

After the several disrespectful deeds of the first years towards their upperclassmen, Levi decides to challenge them for a contest during the Sports Day games where the losers will have to clean the Titans' building. During the shoulder wars match, he teams up with Miche and easily defeat a group composed of Eren, Reiner, Bertholdt and Jean.[4]

During the courage test night, along with Hange, Levi explains to the first years the rules, then disguises himself as a decapitated basketball player.[5]

Levi signature Eren kick

Levi kicks Eren

Following the election for a new student council president, Levi is present for the candidates' final speeches, and is impressed by Rico's presidential plans of forcing all students to clean the school. When Eren acts out and calls the audience cowards, Levi suddenly appears and kicks Eren in the face, sending him flying off the stage.[6]

During the school festival, he watches Hange doing her experiments on Titans.[7]

Following the Titans stealing all of the festival food stands, Levi attends a meeting at the Scouts club room. Eren argues with Levi when the latter tells him to be on standby. When Eren is chastised by Petra and Oruo, Levi says that Eren is not wrong, telling him to go if he wants to, further saying that he does not know the right answer.

No Name

Levi as the lead singer

Levi then tells Eren to choose whichever choice he would regret the least, then orders him to decide now, and Eren decides to head to the Titans' building. When the group of first years ventures into the principal's office and is surrounded by Titans, a disguised Levi, along with Hange and Miche forming a band start playing on a stage, attracting the Titans' attention.[8]


  • Eren Jaeger - Levi is astounded by Eren's raw enthusiasm and focus on achieving his goals. He shows this through his actions rather than words, as the latter often comes out as foul remarks, such as "Chee-burg Bastard."
  • Hange Zoë - Levi does not take part in Hange's antics or their strange obsession with Titans. They often enjoys teasing him, which he shows that he does not have the time for. Even so, he thinks of Hange as a close friend as they usually hang out together.