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Levi (リヴァイ Rivai?) is a 3rd year student at Attack High School and a former member of the Attack Jr. High Survey Club.


Levi is a below average height student with piercing eyes and black hair that is parted down the middle. When not wearing the standard Attack Junior High uniform, Levi can often be seen wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to keep dirt from getting on them and dark pants. When cleaning, he also wears an apron, a face mask that covers his mouth and a hairnet or rag on his head.


Levi is an upperclassman and a member of the Survey Club. A notorious clean freak, Levi is known to be somewhat easy to anger. While he may seem cold towards everyone, he actually has a softer side that is occasionally seen.

While not widely known, Levi is a proficient singer and is part of a popular band at the school. He is also good at sewing, being able to easily repair a tear in Armin's blanket.


Before attending Attack Junior High School, Levi was classmates with Isabel and Furlan at another school; Levi ended up enrolling in District 1 while the latter both were sent to District 2. Before even arriving on campus, his cleaning habits were so notorious that the other students were speaking about him in hushed tones. Within the first few days, Levi encountered a group of punks and swiftly defeated them; soon after, the leaders of the gang came to confront him and Levi bested them too, taking over control of the gang and instilling in them his clean habits of tidying the campus.[2] When both Isabel and Furlan came to retrieve him, Levi accepted their challenge but still refused to accompany them back after they won; he reasoned that he had nothing left to teach them and entrusted them to pass on their levels of cleanliness to their own incoming students.[3]

Shortly after enrolling in the school, he somehow learned about the existence of the rumored Survey Club on campus and decided to enroll in it along with fellow first year student Hange. Knowing that all members of the club must also be enrolled in another, Levi learned that the instructor in charge of the Survey Club, Mr. Smith, was also in charge of the Home Economics Club and expressed an interest to join; however, while Mr. Smith allowed him to join the Survey Club, he was refused to join the Home Economics Club. Frustrated by this, Levi began working tirelessly to impress Smith and join, along with earning his respect. After some time passes, his efforts eventually paid off and Smith permitted Levi to join; the two of them would not make the group widely known mainly due to Smith not wanting to be in charge of two clubs and as such were the only two members.[4]

Levi observes some Titans with Mike and Hange

During his third year, Levi is seen taking part in a trip with fellow Survey Club heads Hange and Mike to observe several Titan students.[5] They arrive back to their club house and discover many first year students eager to join the club. Levi enters and slaps a first year student named Eren before questioning who the newcomers are. Although Hange immediately accepts them and Mike gives his support, Levi is hesitant to and asks them if they know what it means to be part of the Survey Club. After hearing Eren's determination, Levi is satisfied by the response and gives his support as well.[6] After hearing all Survey Club members are part of other clubs on campus, Eren asks Levi which club he is part of, only to be told it is none of his business.

The Survey Club gets ready to go on a field trip to Wall Rose several days later. Levi reminds them that while no Titans are expected along the route they will be taking, the Student Council has been watching them and may try to shut down the club while they are out.[7] Sure enough, Levi and the other members of the Survey Club encounter three members of the Student Council who were set out to find them; he observes the challenge given by Annie and the Survey Club wins the challenge, allowing them to stay active.[8]

One day, Hange approaches Levi and tries to place a wager with him over who got the higher score on a recent test; knowing full well that Hange is looking for food money, Levi refuses the wager. Hange tries to change his mind, but Levi stands firm in his refusal. Hange calls him a jerk and takes her frustration out by body-slamming Armin and slapping both Eren and Jean;[9] they plead for Levi to interject but he refuses yet again. Levi finally asks Hange why she is always so poor and learns that Hange spends most of her money on equipment for the Biology Club. Levi finally gives in and gives Hange a loan as well as some fish food; this gesture backfires when Hange reveals she spent it on more equipment and begs Levi for more money.[10] When Hange offers to repay him back sometime later, Levi is disgusted to see that Hange offered him a wad of Titan belly button lint instead of money.[11]

Levi gets threatened by Mikasa

After the first year students arrive at the Survey Club meeting late, Levi chastises them for their tardiness; when Eren talks back, Levi promptly slaps him. This angers Mikasa who then stands up to Levi and threatens him; mildly amused by this, Levi proposes the first year students go up against the other students to see which one is stronger. Agreeing to the terms, Levi and Mike lead the others away while Hange issues the stakes.[12] While all the other club members participate in the challenge, Levi goes off early and continues his usual cleaning regimen during the athletic fair. As Eren and the others start to catch up with them point-wise, Levi complains about them still going through the challenge.[13] Just then, Eren notices Levi is wearing a general headband and if they secure it, they will win the challenge. Levi pays no attention to it, but takes offense when he sees the first years get dirt all over the area he just finished cleaning; he quickly takes out Eren and the others before returning to his work.[14]

During the summer, Levi has the first year students return for summer cleaning; he notices Armin still wearing his futon despite it being hot out and asks him to remove it. When Armin explains he is fine with it on, Levi calls him weird and continues to insist he take it off.[15] Even hearing Armin's reasoning behind it does nothing to sway Levi; he merely calls Armin childish for having come up with such a large backstory over a blanket. After Eren prompts Armin to flee, Levi once again slaps Eren unconscious and vows to remove the blanket from Armin's head regardless of what it may take.[16]

Levi repairs Armin's futon

He manages to trail Armin to his house and successfully lures Armin away and steals the futon.[17] Returning to his room at the school dormitories, he airs it out before taking it back inside. After Armin breaks down the door to his room, Levi becomes irritated that him and his friends were being so loud and they could have simply knocked first before coming in.[18] As Armin screams and lunges at Levi for taking his futon (and seeing him handle it along with a sharp needle), Levi explains that he earlier noticed it had a hole and the only reason he took it was in order to repair it; this calms Armin and after he finishes repairing it, Levi returns the futon back to Armin.[19]

Levi takes part in the Battle of the Bands with Hange and Mike

Some time later, the Culture Fair occurs at the school and Levi remembers how he took part in the previous year's Battle of the Bands competition as part of a music group known as 'The No-Name Band' with Hange and Mike. The three decide at the last minute to sign up for this year's event and manage to win for the second year in a row, despite a good performance by The Attackers (comprising of Eren and the members of Class 4.)[20] After they succeed in winning, Eren soon confronts them backstage and professes how great they were, wishing them luck in beating the Titan band. Eventually, Levi walks away from the band, vowing to never perform at the Culture Fair again.

One day, Levi is walking with Hange and overhears a ruckus near the Wall. He notices numerous different cleaning supplies and goes to investigate; he comes across Rico and the numerous Survey Club students who are members in the Wall Beautification Club in the middle of a scuffle; after he helps drive the other students away, he learns that the other group of students are from the 2nd district campus.[21] Upon learning the reason why they came, Levi immediately volunteers to help the Wall Beautification Club win. Despite not having prior experience using the gear, Levi understands it well enough and begins practicing; he easily outshines the other students and begins mocking their sub-par abilities and orders them to start over.[22]


  • Hange Zoë - One of the other leaders of the Survey Club, Levi has been friends with Hange since childhood. He does get irritated by her frequent attempts to get either food or money from him as well as her unkempt nature; despite this, he does try to help Hange out when he can.
  • Eren - One of the new members of the school Survey Club, Levi has little patience for Eren's antics and often falls victim to Levi slapping him. However, Levi does recognize Eren's determination in a favorable light.
  • Armin - Another first year member of the Survey Club, Levi initially thought of Armin as just another first year. He does note with some curiosity that Armin goes everywhere with his blanket; although Levi considers it childish and weird, he does see that it is important to Armin and took the time to repair it when he noticed a hole had appeared.
  • Mr. Smith - The faculty advisor to the Survey Club, Levi has the utmost respect and admiration for Mr. Smith.